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The history of Halifax Amateur Radio Club VE1FO.
Last amended 27th February 2020

The Runaway Baby.
North Pole Voyage 1994 By Gordon Stoodley VE1VCS.
Added 27th September 2012
The History of Marine Communications
as it applied to the Halifax, Nova Scotia area
Last amended 12th April 2015
Spuds travels 2011.
Last amended on 12th June 2011 with final summary of the whole trip by Spud.
The Gypsum Fleet.
Last amended 26th November 2013
Spuds trip to Maine July 2012.
Last amended 6th September 2012
The Largest Apple Cargo Out of Port Williams, Nova Scotia.
Last amended 8th January 2021.
The Cornwallis Valley and North Mountain Railway.
Last amended 26th September 2015
Coronation Star -Diamond Jubilee Medal
Added 3rd April 2013
Federal & Municipal Government Only.
Added 12th April 2014
The Eagles
Added 20th March 2014
The Army & I
Added 3rd June 2017
Spuds Radio & Maritime Links Page.
Last amended 9th February 2019
The Prestonian Type Frigates 1962
Added 11th October 2016

Immigrant Boat People
Last amended 6th January 2017

MV Roscoe
Added 6th January 2017
Canadian Ships By Call Sign.
Added 13th February 2016

Our 2017 Trip
Added 7th October 2017

The Navy at Shelburne during World War II
Added 26th January 2017

Borealis Australis
Updated 16th April 2020

Newfoundland Trip July 2018
Added 6th August 2018
The Royal Canadian Marine Force Aircraft
Last amended 16th March 2020
Teslin Airport Radio
Last amended 21st August 2020

HMS Bounty
Added to site 27th December 2020

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