The 2011 Trip
Part 10 Ocean Springs, Mississippi

After messing with these trucks down here lately there is no reason to want the two white back up lights on the trailer equipped to thank a good buddy for a break. All six of my red tail lights flashed two or three times is more than enough and fits right in with the rest of them.

Never again will I pull a trailer of any size with single rear wheels. These dual wheels are so much better. They ride so much better and the truck handles so much better. There is no sway. Then again lets face it, at my age my trailer pulling days are limited.

There are many features about this truck we like and one of the better is Josie's radio. There is a radio for kids right behind the console between the two front bucket seats. It uses one or two headsets and Josie's headset is still in the pocket behind the right bucket seat. She sits back there in her booster seat tapping her feet and will sing along at times with the tune she has tuned in. A great feature. Her father and his brother had the question “Are we there yet?” worn out, when only a short distance from home. Josie has been taking piano lessons since she was three years old. She is quite musical.

Bob, WA5AWC, and I have known each other for 48 years. We were licensed radio operators when we met. We have never talked to each other over the radio. ARRL and RAC would not like to know that. I bought a new FT1900 two meter rig especially to talk to Bob. His interest in radio is much different than mine and I felt if I cannot work him on the high frequencies I will get him on VHF when in range. I have the new FT1900 on my Customs list but where is it? I'm sure I put it in the trailer but it is not here. We have torn the place to pieces a dozen times trying to find it. It must have gone into storage by mistake. I have a small Kenwood Hand Held that I have connected to the ¼ wave mag mount I brought for the FT1900. I also have an old rig mounted in the main station that I bought at a flea market. I have no idea what make it is but I can operate it only from the main station in the trailer. It will be interesting to learn the whereabouts of the FT1900. We hope to find it when we get back home.

Enough reminiscing and whatever before I make myself homesick.

We left the Tallahassee RV Park at 1033 this morning. We were looking for the radio and the park was so nice we hated to leave. That park has the Joan & Spud seal of approval if anyone is interested. It is a beautiful place. The Ontario rig next door was Robert and Lynn Lepage from Wasaga Beach, Ontario. We had a great chat while getting ready to leave. They were headed to Panama City, Florida, today and then on to Arizona. He said he had worked for a Roscoe at Kirkland Lake years ago. One wonders what branch of the family tree he fell off. Maybe he did not fall off and is still hanging on a branch.

Today was one of our best motoring days yet. Four lane highway that reminded me a lot of the real estate on the 101 back home behind Kingston and Auburn. Natasha, Mitchell and Josie had given us two books on CD's that are read to one. We had one of them playing most of the day. Most interesting and enjoyable. In other words the traffic was such that we could listen to one.

Joan has been real fuel conscious since that time we gave her a hard time about running out at Ken's cottage on Murphy Lake. She talked me into pulling into Robertsdale, Alabama at 1435. We were 370 kilometres west of Tallahassee. The pick up pump was roped off so no one could enter. We were in a large truck stop with at least 50 large 18-wheelers parked around. We went out behind the big boys and parked. I went in and asked why the pick up pump was blocked and no one knew why so one of the black boys in the office went out and removed the yellow tape. I went out and brought the truck up to the pump then had to go in the office and leave my credit card for them to start the pump. Like I say, this country spends millions on tourist advertising but sure as heck does not treat one very good. One wonders if any strange bills will show up on my credit card from having to leave it like that all the time. Time will tell!

We are now in Central Standard Time. It is 4:20 PM or 1620 and now 1820 or 6:20 PM back home. The sun is just setting here and it was a nice sunny day but cool. It was 46F when we left at 1033 and was 67F when we stopped at Robertsdale and only 51F when we pulled into here at 1548 or 3:48 Easter Time.

Here, is the Camp Journeys End at Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Joan was an hour or more finding the place. They advertise Wifi but it is at the office and not available to us at site 69. We shall go to the office. We are just off I-10 West so will not be long in getting back on I-10 in the morning.

pic1   pic2   pic3   pic4
Here are a few photographs to share with you. This is on I-10 entering Mobile, Alabama. That school bus with kids passed us and we followed it through the tunnel under Mobile, Bay, Harbour, whatever it was. We hauled wheat out of Mobile years ago. One time we were here 14 days. Our cargo of wheat was still growing up in Kansas, at least it was delayed. One of our crewmembers managed to get married in those 14 days. One wonders how that worked out but one will not wonder long.

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The other four photographs, there are a total of eight, are here at Camp Journeys End, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Apparently the Geese live here. This is another nice campground. The noise from I-10 may be a bit annoying to some.

We have not seen an alligator here in the wild. It is probably so cold they have gone south for some warm water. It is just as well, if we meet one Joan will probably want to take it home and keep it as a pet.

The total run today was 490 kilometres. So we covered more real estate today than the day before.

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