The 2011 Trip
Part 100 – A beautiful Wednesday to simply sit in the sun

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

We were a bit late in crawling out of bed. The temperature at 8AM was 60.0F with a clear sky. There was a lot of heat in the sun shining on the bedroom blind.

Kathy and Dave flew home today. Phoenix to Newark, New Jersey, then Newark to Halifax. They were the only other Nova Scotia couple in this park. They live in Truro. They were not the ones with the Nova Scotia vehicle we saw in the Wal-Mart parking lot some time ago. Debbie and Ian, from Edmonton, moved to another park a few miles from here and Debbie was telling Joan there was a couple from Nova Scotia in that park. We have seen the one vehicle only. Kathy and Dave rented Sue's park model for the two weeks only. We hope to get together when we get back to Nova Scotia this coming summer. Sue is the one with the fish quilt in yesterday's report.

Debbie plans a trip to Nova Scotia this summer. Her mother and sisters are living in Nova Scotia and Debbie spent some time in Greenwood when her father was in the Air Force. It would be fun to have an Arizona dinner or something like that. Debbie is the one with the Jelly Roll quilt in yesterday's report.

The two main types of birds here in the park are the Grackle and the Mourning Dove. The Mourning Dove is well named from the sound of their call. It must be mating season because there always seems to be one making that mournful call lately.

At 10:30AM the temperature was 66.5F with a clear sky. A beautiful day and a motorhome backed in across the street from us at 10:30AM. When Joan and I came home from the Bank and grocery the temperature was 71.3F with a clear sky. One beautiful day with a cool breeze. Perfect!

There was some activity on 14023 kilohertz around noon. Some kind of contest and of course I had no interest.

At 12:30PM the temperature was 72.5F with a clear sky. One great day but at 1:30PM the temperature was 76.9F with partly cloudy skies. Then at 3:30PM it was 80.9F with the partly cloudy skies.

I was across the street and met the neighbours from Kansas. I remember the last name and I believe the first is Ron. A nice motorhome with the TV built right in the side of it. He had raised cattle all his life and actually bought some bulls from the High River, Alberta area. He was watching the basketball game. They have been here two weeks and for some unknown reason moved them down here from where they were up closer to the office.

Joan and I sat out most of the afternoon.

There was nothing heard on 14023 kilohertz when I was around.

At 4:30PM the temperature was 81.7F under a clear sky. A clear sky still at 5:30PM and the temperature 79.8F.

Around supper time there were a lot of signals on 14023 kilohertz participating in a contest of some description. They simply transmitted their call sign and every so often one would snap a 5NN and that was the end of it.

The sunset was identical to yesterday's. The sun simply sank leaving an orange, yellow, blue, green strip along the western horizon. The temperature when the sun set was 72.1F and they stated partly cloudy skies. There was no cloud around the sunset so no real colour.

We had a good trip to the dumpster and checked the mail to find a parcel from Josie. It does not get any better. A nice clear night and there were a lot out and about both on bicycles, golf carts and walking. The temperature at 8:20PM was 62.9F with a clear sky.

When the movie ended the temperature was 56.9F under a clear sky.

That was the day.

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