The 2011 Trip
Part 103 – Josie's Aprons – The block pot luck

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Another great morning. The temperature at 8AM was 71.3F under a clear sky. By 10AM the Gold Canyon weather station recorded 74.8F under a clear sky. We could see alto cumulus and cirrus out the trailer window.

We have heard a lot of heavy jet aircraft traffic coming and going from early morning for most of the day. Some of it was fighter aircraft.

14023 kilohertz was alive with a contest during the morning. At 2:45PM the Radio Amateurs of Canada club station VA3RAC, Ottawa, Ontario, was working in a BERU – British Empire Contest. This station was 569 here at Gold Canyon. This was probably the same contest heard in the morning. Gary, VE1RGB, recently received the British Commonwealth Medal for his activity in this and other contests. Gary is an active member of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club – HARC.

At 11:40AM the temperature was 80.5F under clear skies – except here at the RV park it was nearly 10/10ths of high cirrus with some alto cumulus. By 1:20PM the temperature was 81.9F and we have the cloud and they claim clear skies. At 2:30PM the temperature was 84.4F and we still had the high cirrus and the weather station was stating sky clear. At 4:40PM it was the same with a temperature of 83.8F. At 6PM it was 80.4F and they are finally stating scattered clouds.

Our granddaughter Josie has us well named. She calls Lynn and Ron Nanny and Grandad. Joan and I are Grammie and Grampy. At least there is little confusion that way. Last Christmas when Josie was seven years old Nanny and Grandad gave her a small electric sewing machine. When Josie saw it she said she was making Grammie and herself matching aprons. When she has a sleep over with us she makes biscuits when she gets up in the morning. It would be impossible to have a better biscuit than a Josie biscuit, hot, right out of the oven with butter and jam. It makes one hungry thinking about it.

We knew nothing about this apron until we collected the mail the other day and Joan received her apron, complete with photographs of Josie making it with her little sewing machine.


This is Josie sewing Gram's apron with a little help from Nanny.



This is Grammie Joan making a Vicki recipe for the block pot luck dinner today in Josie's apron

pic3   pic4   pic5

Brenda, the girl behind us from North Pole, Alaska, organized a block pot luck dinner today. It was excellent and here are the photographs to prove it.

It was so hot sitting there in the street that we had to terminate earlier than planned. We came home and sat out in the shade of the trailer. We are on 23rd Street and that is part of 23rd Street just around the corner from us.

We sat around outside on the cement patio in the shade and after supper went to John and Liz's Saturday evening campfire. We did the dumpster trip after the campfire. The sky was clear and the temperature was 66.0F and that was our day.

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