The 2011 Trip
Part 104 – A nice day in the pool and hot tub

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

The temperature at 7AM was 59.0F under a clear sky and it appeared clear here at the RV Park as well. When we came home from church at 11:15AM it was 78.2F under a clear sky. One gorgeous day!

Joan and Karen did the laundry this afternoon. It was 81.9F at 12:30PM under a clear sky. They came home from the laundry at 2:15PM when the temperature was 84.4F with a clear sky. Just great for sitting out in the shade. It was hot in the laundry and they sat outside as much as possible.

20-meters was pretty well dead all day but at 2:45PM a couple of U.S. stations showed up and created some chatter. It is hard to believe it could be that quiet around 14023 kilohertz on a winter Sunday.

We sat out in the shade of the truck nearly all afternoon. There is nothing like it and chatting with the odd neighbour that comes over. We often go over and chat with another neighbour or two. The talk now is all on when you are leaving and if you are coming back next year. Quite a few are leaving soon and quite a few are not going to return next year.

There was nothing on 14023 kilohertz at 5:10PM and the temperature was 84.5F under a clear sky officially but there was some cirrus over the RV park. There was some cirrus when the sunset so that it was a bit more colourful than without the cloud. We were in the swimming pool when the sunset. Then a session in the hot tub. My knee is much better and here is hoping I can keep it that way until we reach Nova Scotia. The temperature when we arrived home at 7:30PM was 72.0F. The sky was clear as we walked home in the dark. One half a moon was shining and a couple of little rabbits scooted out of our way along with a few birds. It was rather late for the birds to be out and about.

When the movie ended the temperature was 64.0F under a clear sky.

That was the day.

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