The 2011 Trip
Part 105 – Hi Ho, Hi Ho a sailing we did go

Monday March 14th, 2011

The temperature at 7AM was 55.5F under a clear sky. By 8:40AM the temperature was 70.4F under a clear sky. At 9:15AM the temperature was 72.7F with a trace of cirrus and the weather station claiming clear skies.

There was nothing heard on 14023 kilohertz for the first part of the morning.

We departed the RV Park at 9:30AM for Canyon Lake. This is on the Tortilla Flats Road roughly ten miles from Gold Canyon. There we boarded a boat for the day. There were four couples: Ian and Debbie, Bob and Karen, Van and Bonnie and Joan and I. Van acted as the skipper and off we went on a tour of Canyon Lake.

Spud and Bonnie with Van doing the steering behind.
pic2   pic3   pic4
Leaving the Canyon Lake Marina
Bonnie and Debbie
Spud, Van, Karen, Ian, Bob and Bonnie

Ian, Bob, Bonnie and Debbie



The Dam that made the lake

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Cruising up the lake

Note the Eagle. We saw some Big Horn Sheep up on one of the cliffs but we were unable to get a photograph of them. This, many ducks of various types, herons and other birds was the extent of the wildlife we spotted.


Bonnie, Van, Karen, Bob and Debbie

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Note the bridge in the last photograph. This was as far as one can go. We believe the bridge was a railroad bridge. We had to turn around here and head back. We did not record the exact time spent on this excursion but it was something like four hours.



Coming back down the lake


This is the rest area. We stopped on the way back.


Karen guarding the boat at the Rest Area Dock.
Spud, Joan, Debbie, Ian, Karen and Bob
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This is DOLLY the excursion boat that is kept busy touring the lake from the Canyon Lake Marina. It's home dock is just behind the Restaurant.
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pic43   pic44  
 More of the return voyage.
The Dam again that made the lake possible.
The boat's pilotage position

The Canyon Lake Marina

The Boat Launch just up from the marina. There is also a boat launch at the marina.
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pic52   pic53
Returning to the Canyon Lake Marina



The bow of the Boat

The Lakeside Restaurant and Cantina where Debbie, Joan, Ian and I had excellent black cherry ice cream cones before returning home.


The temperature when we returned was 80.4F under partly cloudy skies. The truck thermometer was reading 80F all the way home.

We heard nothing on 14023 kilohertz when we returned home and for some time after we returned home. There was a bit of chatter on there as I turned it off at 6:22PM.

We spent the evening transmitting this report to Robert with a break for a dumpster run. The temperature on the return from our evening walk, mail check, known as the dumpster run was 66.5F and the Gold Canyon weather station claiming a clear sky. We could see high cirrus around the moon.

This was one fantastic day and definitely has the Joan and Spud seal of approval. If you would like more information bring up their web site at: http://www.canyonlakemarina.com/

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