The 2011 Trip

Part 106 Simply an enjoyable Tuesday

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

The temperature at 8AM was 63.2F under scattered skies. We could see alto cumulus out the trailer window. We are back to sheets on the bed instead of flannelette blankets and last night we had the hatch above the bed open all night. It is getting warm or at least warmer.

Joan spent the morning in the sewing room.

At 9:45AM the temperature was 73.0F under scattered clouds and we can see the alto cumulus and cirrus out the trailer window. It was still a bright sunny day. At 11AM the temperature was 75.6F still under scattered clouds and the cloud cover had increased to the point it had reduced the amount of sunlight, although it was still a nice sunny day. And still a nice sunny day at 12 noon when the temperature was 77.7F under scattered clouds.

We have not heard much on 14023 kilohertz all morning. At 1903UTC we transmitted several vicious CQ's but did not work anyone. The band does not sound that bad. I reckon those who heard me did not want to talk to Arizona.

By 2:45PM the temperature was 79.8F and mostly cloudy. It was mostly cloudy and it was restricting the amount of sunlight. The sun could hardly make a shadow at times. It was 85F in the trailer with everything wide open. At 3:38PM it was 81.8F and mostly cloudy although there was more blue sky out the trailer window than before. Joan claims it was warmer than that.

We had supper with Bonnie and Van over at their trailer. Just the three couples; Bob and Karen, Joan and I and Van and Bonnie. A great supper and we ate too much as usual. After supper we went for a swim in the swimming pool and a session in the hot tub. A great time for that because we have the pool to ourselves. Amazing! You do not have the sun either, the pool is heated to 88F and the hot tub to 105F. When we arrived home from that it was 8PM and the temperature was 69.4F under a clear sky. And we agree with the clear sky. The moon, stars and aircraft were nice and bright. For some unknown reason there are not the stars here that one would think would be here. Close to the equator in the Atlantic there are thousands and thousands of stars. One feels like they could reach up and get an armful of them.

The sunset was prettier than most. There were quite a few clouds around that turned a reddish pink. Rather pretty to say the least.

There was no dumpster trip or movie. We checked the mail and found an empty box on leaving the swimming pool. We plan to go with the truck tomorrow and will do the dumpster thing at the same time.

That was our day. An enjoyable Tuesday.

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