The 2011 Trip
Part 107 – A nice hot Wednesday

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The temperature at 8AM was 69.6F under scattered cloud. We can see alto cumulus and cirrus out the trailer window. It was another nice night with the bedroom hatch above the bed wide open along with the one in the bathroom. We forgot about the one in the bathroom and did not notice it until this morning. In other words it is getting warm. We will probably leave Gold Canyon six weeks from today. Hopefully Alberta will have the snow cleaned off their roads by then.

The temperature by 10AM was up to 76.1F under scattered clouds although the scattered clouds were disappearing fast. We had a good chat with the two Ron's across the street. Ron and Carolyn left for home shortly after that.

Joan and I went over to Wal-Mart at Apache Junction and arrived back home around 1PM when the temperature was 83.0F under partly cloudy skies. It was warm!

We spent the afternoon sitting out enjoying the rays. At 5:15PM the temperature was 85.9F under scattered clouds. The high flying aircraft were leaving a very long contrail. This is the longest contrail we have seen.

We had 14023 kilohertz on all day but we were not in the trailer very much. We heard nothing. At 0003UTC I gave a long call but did not receive a reply from anyone. I turned the radio off shortly after that. Joan's mother had phoned for a chat so they did not need the additional noise.

At 6PM the temperature was 84.0F under partly cloudy skies. When we arrived here I was wondering what I could fill these pages with. At least one will have a record of the weather around this park.

After supper we went to the swimming pool, hot tub and checked the mail on the way home. There were quite a few in the pool and hot tub. We arrived home at 8PM and the temperature was 71.1F under mostly cloudy skies. We could see the alto cumulus coming home but there was a lot of sky with lots of stars, a moon and the aircraft. The high flying aircraft were leaving contrails from nearly one side of the sky to the other.

There has been a report that they killed two rattle snakes here in the park last night. They claim they come out on the black top streets and lay there on the heat from the black street. The streets appear to be coated in black tar although it is not sticky. They kill them by running over them with a vehicle. It is hard to believe a snake would lay there and let a vehicle run over and kill them. One would think that would be snake suicide. My buddy Joe came down here for twenty years and did not see a snake. We may see one before we are out of here from all the reports around this park. This may have been a snake haven of some kind before it became an RV Park.

The day ended with the movie and a rather nice day and movie it was. The temperature when it all ended was 68.9F under a clear sky.

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