The 2011 Trip
Part 110 – A good Saturday

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

At 12:10AM the temperature was 62.4F under a clear sky. By 1:45AM it was down to 58.6F and still a clear sky. At 8:15AM the temperature was up to 63.9F under partly cloudy skies. The sun was quite bright so the cloud was alto cumulus and cirrus.

We slept with the bedroom hatch only open. Joan put the furnace on to knock the chill off in the morning and then we realized one living room window was wide open.

At 10:10AM the temperature was 70.7F and I have no idea what the partly cloudy is. We could see a high flying aircraft leaving a rather short contrail but it looked like a wall of fog to the west of us. There was very little wind.

There was life on 14023 kilohertz at 10:10AM someone was transmitting NR6 over and over. It must be another contest of some description. By noon there was a contest of some description in full swing. Yes, I know the navy measured me in five letter code, ten spaces to the line, double spaced between the fifth and sixth groups and I managed 44 words per minute. It was a big deal for this teenager at the time but why these guys want to transmit so fast is beyond me. They are not hard to copy but I find around 25 words per minute so much more enjoyable.

The weather station here at Gold Canyon stated they upgraded their detail at 12:15PM for 79.6F and partly cloudy skies. It is quite hazy all around including Superstition Mountain. It is not like desert dust but it is not real windy. It reminds one of fog.

We put out the big awning and I tied it down. Rick was happy to see me tie it down. It was he and Joan talking that brought the awning in the other day. Rick and Patt leave in the morning for their home in Colorado and plan to fly to Cancun, Mexico next Saturday for some more fun in the sun. Rick spent 35 years teaching physical education and claims he enjoyed it very much. He and Patt were always playing sports while here.

Joan spent the morning sewing here on the table and this lap top spent the time in the seat out of the way. Oh well, it gave me a good break.

Lori from Penatang was over and gave us some grapefruit and lemons.

The temperature at 3:10PM was 78.7F, down a bit and scattered clouds. The scattered cloud was mostly cirrus. The haze around the horizon is not red and looks more like fog. The high flying aircraft are leaving short contrails. The AWACS aircraft, the one with the large flat radar antenna came in as though it landed at the local Air Force station west of Phoenix this afternoon.

At 4:45PM there was no sun and the Gold Canyon weather station stated it was 76.4F and scattered clouds. It looked like it might rain but rain was not forecasted.

It was a beautiful moonlit evening. The moon is as close to the earth as it has been for some years and it will be many years before it is this close again. We had a good campfire at Liz and John's. Six couples met for the Saturday evening campfire. The temperature at 9:15PM was 59.0F with the clear sky. Another good day ended with the campfire.

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