The 2011 Trip
Part 111 – The hatches are battened down and double dogged

Sunday March 20th, 2011

The temperature at 7AM was 52.7F and had crept up to 54.2F by 7:45AM. The mostly cloudy managed to block some of the sun's bright rays.

Josie has been taking piano lessons since she was three years old. If she turns out to be just half as good as the one who plays at these church services, the money spent on the lessons will be well spent. When we arrived home from church there was no sun and it was quite windy. The temperature was 74.3F with mostly cloudy skies according to the Gold Canyon weather station at 11:20AM. There was this wall of haze that reminds us of fog. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow.

There was some activity on 14023 kilohertz before church and after that sounded like another contest. VE6SV was hammering in here 599 at 12:40PM so it was definitely a contest. I doubt that station does anything else or knows how to do anything but a contest.

By noon we had all the awnings and lawn chairs in and stowed for whatever the weather has to offer. Joan and Karen went to the laundry just before noon. That helped kill their afternoon.

Ron and Jan were over and helped us kill our afternoon after Joan was home from the laundry. Bonnie stopped by for a few minutes with her bike. Her bike is a Trek like Joan's but a different size. The style is the same.

After supper we went to the swimming pool and hot tub. When we arrived home at 7:30PM the temperature was 69.2F under an overcast sky. Everything is battened down and double dogged so we are ready for whatever comes.

Our day ended with the movie. At the time the temperature was 66.6F under a clear sky with rain forecasted. The weather broadcasts around here are hard to believe. We must be going to receive rain from a cloudless sky. Another good day was history at least.

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