The 2011 Trip
Part 112 – A windy, rainy day – The number of RV Parks this area

Monday, March 21st, 2011

The temperature at 1:40AM was 64.3F under a clear sky. At 2:10AM it was 63.8F under a clear sky. By 7:30AM it was 62.7F and up to 62.8F by 7:40AM. It was now overcast and windy.

We had a good Monday morning meeting. We even had a doughnut that was so fresh it was hot. We went over to Wal-Mart in Apache Junction and created a little inflation after the meeting and went to Mediacom and paid the monthly Internet bill that was $29.95. When we arrived home it was 11:40AM. The temperature was 59.0F, overcast and rain. That was the morning.

We have had 14023 kilohertz on while around the trailer but have heard nothing but static. I did swing around a bit and listened in on a few conversations on both 20 and 40 meters. I did not receive a reply to my call on 14023 kilohertz around 4PM.

At 2:26PM the temperature was 52.4F, overcast and rain. It had rained quite hard at times. We believe this is the third day of rain since we arrived on December 18th. It was about time we had a miserable day like the rest of the world. All the beautiful hot sunny days were beginning to feel unbelievable. By 3:45PM the temperature was 49.8F with high wind and rain. A miserable day but a great day for sleeping with the radios turned off.

By 5:10PM the temperature was 47.1F in light rain according to the Gold Canyon weather station and it was rain. We had quite a bit of rain.

We were told today that there are 125 RV Parks in Mesa and 100 here in the Apache Junction area. Each is a large park and no one has any idea the total number of sites. There are 639 sites in this park alone. We were told there will be 93 units leaving this area on April 1st. That should clutter up the highways for awhile in all directions.

Vic and Shirley that are recorded in part 38 came back for a day or two. They found a campground in California they liked so well they did not come back to this one in March. They leave here tomorrow and plan to travel further east from here and eventually go back home to Michigan. We left the trailer around 5:30PM and went to the Olive Garden restaurant in Mesa, Arizona for supper. There were ten of us: Debbie, Ian, Vic, Shirley, Liz, John, Bob, Karen, Joan and I. We had a great evening and arrived back at the trailer at 8:50PM when the temperature was 48.0F under mostly cloudy skies. The truck thermometer read 47F on the way to Mesa and 49F on the way home. At least the trucks thermometer agrees with Gold Canyon's.

The rain and high wind was over as we drove home and hopefully tomorrow will be another hot sunny Arizona day. We received quite a bit of rain. There are several large puddles in the paved roads around the park.

That was our day and another enjoyable but wet one.

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