The 2011 Trip
Part 113 – Tuesday, March 22nd – The Salt River Lakes

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

The temperature at 6:30AM was 44.2F under partly cloudy skies. At 7:45AM the temperature had crept up to 46.6F and the partly cloudy skies were cumulus, alto cumulus and cirrus. The sky looked like it was just breaking up from a heavy rain to the east and appeared as a clear sky to the west.

My knee had sufficient pain to keep me awake every night. Joan gave me a couple of pain pills last night. They sure worked. I slept through the night and my knee did not pain this morning.

I drove Joan up to the sewing room at 8:30AM. Her sewing machine is a 1957 model her grandmother gave her when we were married fifty years ago. It is a portable but quite heavy and hard for her to lift in and out of the truck.

It was a beautiful sunny cool morning. I had all the awnings back out by 9:40AM and the big awning lashed down in its tie down we bought way back in 1994 at Fryeburg, Maine.

At 9:40AM the temperature was 54.5F under a partly cloudy sky. The partly cloudy were a few puffy cumulus left over from yesterday. When one comes from Nova Scotia they know rain when they see it. The Gold Canyon weather station claims 0.02 inches in the storm yesterday. There was definitely more than that here in the RV park. Their anemometer needs some grease or something as well. It will be blowing a good twenty miles per hour here at the park and the Gold Canyon station will state something like four miles per hour. Another five weeks and it will no longer matter.

We had 14023 kilohertz on all morning while around the trailer. About 7:30AM we heard an Australian station. There was a little background chatter but nothing strong and not much more heard.

About 10:45AM someone wanted to know if the frequency was busy and was told it was not. That was different to say the least.

There were a couple of military helicopters flying around for awhile this morning.

The temperature at 11:40AM was 59.6F with scattered cloud. The scattered cloud were some cumulus left over from yesterday. It was nice sitting out in the sun with a cool breeze. A bit too cool in the shade.

I picked up Joan at noon and we took her latest quilt right over to Apache Junction to have it quilted on a computerized machine and what a machine it is. We arrived back at the trailer at 1:08PM when the temperature was 63.8F under scattered clouds. It is still bits and pieces of left over cumulus. Gold Canyon was forecasting a high of 63F and we are over already. It was 66.5F under scattered cloud at 3:45PM. The scattered cloud were a few cumulus. By 4:15PM the temperature was 67.0F and the few cumulus were called partly cloudy.

I was just looking around and realized that parts 29 and 105 have the photographs of Canyon Lake. A bit more research and one learns that Canyon Lake is formed by the Mormon Flat Dam and is on the Salt River. Stewart Mountain Dam forms Saguaro Lake just west of Canyon Lake. Apache Lake is formed by another dam just east of Canyon Lake. But the largest lake is Theodore Roosevelt Lake formed by Roosevelt Dam east of these lakes. In other words all these lakes are man made on the Salt River.

The temperature at 6:50PM was 59.3F with partly cloudy skies. There was little cloud to the west so the sunset was nothing but an orange, yellow, green strip until it became dark.

There was no dumpster trip this evening. Our day ended with the movie when the temperature was 53.3F under a clear sky.

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