The 2011 Trip
Part 114 – Clean mats and a good movie

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The temperature at 7AM was 50.7F under a clear sky and was 53.4F at 8:10AM and still a clear sky. A nice sunny morning. Joan went for a walk around the park at 8AM.

At 9:52AM we watched the temperature change to 62.0F under a clear sky on the Gold Canyon weather station report.

There has been some contacts made around 14023 kilohertz this morning but nothing right on the frequency. The band appears to be in good shape.

Joan has two long runner mats for in front of the sink here in the trailer. Both were getting quite dirty from folks coming in with their outside shoes on, tracking in the red dust Arizona is famous for. We laid the two of them over the aluminium picnic table we carry and washed them. We came inside from that at 11AM. There was nothing on 14023 kilohertz. The temperature was 66.2F under a clear sky. It is rather nice outside. It was 70.4F under a clear sky at 1:38PM.

This is a copy from my part 2. β€œOn the road again, the United States Interstate Highway 95. We have been given to understand the United States Army is in charge of these highways. Apparently they own them and can close them at anytime for their own use. At least we have been led to believe they are designed so they can move so many troops within the shortest time frame. They are a great highway so it makes sense to me.”

We also learned the other day that these Interstate Highways are designed so that there has to be I believe a one mile straight stretch within every five miles for the use of an aircraft in an emergency. It all makes sense.

Joan and I did a dumpster run, checked the mail and went to the 3PM free beer, lunch and what have you. It was crowded. The guy playing the guitar was overloading my hearing aids. We kept right on walking and came back to the trailer. The temperature was 75.7F with a clear sky. It was a warm walk.

We had a barbeque supper that was excellent. After supper we put the two mats in a dark green garbage bag and put them in the forward baggage compartment. Joan has a smaller mat in front of the sink. We were going to leave the mats out all night but there are so many mourning doves, grackles and what have you, we felt we would have to rewash the mats. They do make a mess.

Bob, Karen and Liam the pooch stopped by while we were putting the mats away. They had been to a ball game in Phoenix. Chicago Cubs was one team and I forget the other that was playing.

Sunset was at 6:38PM. The horizon was simply a yellowish green until it turned dark. There was no colour because there were no clouds. The temperature was 68.4F from the rapid fire update that took place at 6:35PM according to the Gold Canyon weather station. And of course the sky was clear. It was a beautiful day.

Our day ended with the movie when the temperature was 55.5F and a clear sky. Another good day is history.

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