The 2011 Trip
Part 116 – The Flea Market with photographs – Our last campfire

Friday, March 25th, 2011

The temperature at 7AM was 44.9F and by 7:30AM was up to 48.9F both under scattered clouds. At 9AM it was 58.0F under scattered cloud and they stated it feels like 58F. I had to go out at 8AM and change the propane bottles and it was not that bad. The sun is what seems to make it seem so warm.

Joan and I spent the morning at the Mesa, Arizona, Flea Market again. You have to see it to believe it. This is the one described in part 109 for last Friday.

This is the Main Entrance to the Flea Market.
This is a part of the Parking Lot with the large building in the background.
This is the gravel Parking Lot at the far end where we park and the road that goes past at the end of the parking area.
This is the Parking Lot taken from the gravel section with the large building in the background. As one can see a lot of people have left and gone home. There are not near the vehicles that are there when the campgrounds are full. There are 125 campgrounds or RV Parks as they call them in Mesa and 100 in Apache Junction. Some of them have spaces for over one thousand trailers, motorhomes or park model homes.
 pic5    pic6    pic7
These are three interior photographs of the various stalls, people and items for sale.

This gentleman was making pure leather belts to fit. He sold me two, one brown and one black, something I have wanted for years. He is cutting the brown one in the photograph.

This stall was selling various T-shirts that were dyed in red dirt. Everything is the red dirt colour around here and the houses are the same. I find the houses rather boring to be truthful about it, but the wind blows this red dust all over the place and probably the reason the houses are that colour.
This is an assortment of lawn ornaments.
We believe these two fellows were Mexican. One playing the guitar and the other the pan flute. The music was not bad. They were selling the flutes and CD's of their music.
This booth made signs to order.
This is the sign we had made in the above booth for the trailer. The board was pre-painted and it resembled Cape Blomindon just off from where we park this trailer in the summer. At least it was close enough and should look good on the front of the trailer. We have not figured out how to mount it yet, but I doubt Joan will stand out in front of the trailer and hold it up.

Someone had not been paying attention and probably on their cell phone and rammed into a bunch of cars at the lights going into the bank, Jack in the Box and Basha's grocery at Gold Canyon. A Dodge pickup appeared to be tail end Charlie and it had to be towed. The ambulance, fire truck and three or four police cars were doing their thing. The traffic was lined up for quite a ways down the road.

There is no law banning the use of cell phones while driving in Arizona and you see them on the phone all the time. There is no law requiring a helmet for a bicycle or motorcycle and nearly all of them do not wear them. We often see people riding in the back of an empty pickup as well, so there is no law banning that practice and this must mean no seat belt law as well. Rather odd to see this sort of thing this day and age, but go a knot or two above the speed limit or cross over one of their solid white lines and see what happens.

We stopped at Jack in the Box, Gold Canyon for lunch after a visit to the friendly bank for a few dollars. We arrived home about 12:30PM and Karen was over for a few minutes. The temperature at 1PM was 70.2F with a partly cloudy sky. The partly cloudy was some alto cumulus. There was also a haze around, especially Superstition Mountain. We were not sure whether it was desert dust, fog, or just what it was.

We went over to Basha's grocery at 2PM for a few things.

Joan went to the ballroom to the general meeting at 3:30PM. This was a meeting in order to meet the new park manager and discuss next year. We will not be here so I had no interest in it. Joan was home by 3:55PM and said the discussion was via Skype and his wife had more to say than he did. Apparently they are from Utah.

The temperature at 3:50PM was 72.9F under a partly cloudy sky with the haze or whatever it is still hanging around. It is also quite windy. The large awning snapped and rattled every so often. It is well anchored so it is nothing but noise and nothing to worry about. But Joan could not stand it so I brought it in at 4:55PM.

There was quite a bit of activity around 14023 kilohertz this afternoon. As near as I could tell it was all W8, W9 and W5. At least I did not hear anything different.

The weather station at Gold Canyon at 5:08PM was stating the temperature was 70.2F but it feels like 76F. They were right. It did feel much warmer. It was still a partly cloudy sky. They stated the wind was 6 MPH gusting to 11 MPH. Yeah, right. If those gusts were not at least 30 MPH I have an acre of green cheese on the moon I will sell them.

The temperature at 6:10PM was 66.2F and it feels like 66.2F according to the weather station. It was still under a partly cloudy sky.

At 6:30PM we gathered at John and Liz's trailer for our final campfire at this park.

Van is a good guitar player and singer. Some of the others joined in for an enjoyable evening.

 pic15    pic16    pic17

 pic18    pic19    pic20

We were equally divided eight Canadians and eight Americans. Four couples from each nation. There are times like this that it is impossible to tell the difference. The sunset was your typical sunset for this park. The wind died with the sunset. I took these photographs just before sunset and the one of Van and his guitar just after sunset.

The day ended when the campfire ended. The temperature was 56.0F under a clear sky with lots of stars, no moon and lots of aircraft to watch. It was most enjoyable and another excellent day is history.

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