The 2011 Trip
Part 118 – The last church service

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

The temperature at 7:45AM was 56.4F under a clear sky. The temperature at 9:05AM was 63.1F with a clear sky.

An amateur radio station with a K4/7 call sign was having some fun working a few stations on 14023 kilohertz around 9AM the only signal heard. There was nothing heard on 14023 kilohertz when we were around with the radio on the rest of the day.

We ran over to the local grocery, Basha's, after church and picked up a few things. There have been quite a few leave the park but there were 220 of us in church this morning. This was the last church service until next fall. The music was just as good this morning as it always is. The piano is a new Roland.

At 2:15PM the temperature was 74.9F under a clear sky.

We were quite busy all afternoon getting ready for supper. This is Bob and Karen's last night here at the park. We had Bob, Karen, Van and Bonnie for supper. Joan made a great feed of her Japanese Chicken Wings. They were good and we all over ate.

After supper we went swimming in the pool and then the hot tub. We came home and Joan and I finished the dishes at 8:35PM. The temperature at that time was 62.5F under a clear sky. At 9:15PM the temperature was 59.7F and still a clear sky.

And another great day is history.

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