The 2011 Trip
Part 12 Bernice and Ruston, Louisiana

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

We were up about 0700 and after a shave, shower, etc., I put the HF antenna up. This was about 0900 or 1000 Montreal time and I felt the TPN – Trans Provincial Net – was over. I heard no one but called Sam, VE1YVN, a few times in case someone was listening and heard me. No contact with anyone.

Bob made us a pancake breakfast and man it was a good one. He filled me full to say the least. Harry, Bob's best friend came in after that and he is a character and a half to say the least. We have seen him every time we have been down. It is nice to see he has aged as gracefully as the rest of us. Harry is still working and has worked for years with wildlife both with the Louisiana and federal governments. He is full of interesting stories. Both Harry and Bob are from old established Bernice families and have never left this area.

Shortly after Harry left, Josie, Joan, Bob and I went to Ruston. On the way we went down the same road Bob lives on and met W5JC and family. He has the same name as VE1ASR whom I had worked with at Halifax Coast Guard Radio for years. When it rains down here it rains and we had a good rain shower while visiting. The rest of the day was overcast. Louisiana has a parish rather than a county. While watching TV later a small sketch of Louisiana showing each parish came on with a tornado warning. It was for an area south east of us. Bernice is north and 17 miles from the Arkansas border.

We had an excellent dinner at Ruston. Do not ask me what it was. The menu was completely strange to both Joan and I but the meal was excellent. We then did some grocery shopping and they showed me where to get some propane on the way out. They want us to stay until Monday at least so we can hardly refuse otherwise. This will likely be our last visit. Bob is two years older than I.

We came home and stowed our groceries and then watched a movie. A rather gory one on Texas law or maybe murders it should read. The name of the movie was “No Country for Old Men”. It had a lousy ending.

After the movie Josie came to the trailer with us and looked it over. This morning I tried to tie into a wireless network with this computer and locked into Bob's but could not bring it up. He brought out his codes and was going to set it up for me but then it would not bring it up again this evening. Bob wanted to take it into the house and try it. We felt it was getting late and decided we may try it tomorrow.

So this was our day and a most enjoyable day it was.

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