The 2011 Trip
Part 122 – Bob and Sandy leave – Dick, Donna, Oscar, Nancy are here

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The temperature was 64.8F with scattered clouds at 7:20AM.

Dick phoned right after I recorded this so Joan and I got ready and went to Goodyear, Arizona.

Bob and Sandy were getting ready to leave so Joan and I said goodbye to them.


Bob and Sandy's motorhone with their Golf Cart on the trailer behind the motorhome. Sandy followed Bob with the car to a relatives home where they were leaving the Golf Cart and then putting the car on the dolly and towing it with the motorhome. They are going back home for the summer. They live in the motorhome all year long. South around here for the winter and back home in Montana for the summer.


Joan, Sandy and Bob. They were great neighbours.
Joan and I left for Goodyear shortly after taking these photographs. We had a great visit. We went over to a large mall for lunch and a bit of shopping. We then went on to another mall with Sears, J.C. Penny and a lot of stores except a drug store. Dick wanted a set of elastic knee braces like I have but we could not find a set for him. We then went back to the house. The girls went out and bought supper at a large Wal-Mart store and brought it home. It was excellent. We visited until about 8PM and then Joan and I drove back to the RV Park and the trailer. The temperature was 72.0F that felt like 76F with a clear sky at 9:25PM.
For those of you who were interested in the house they have rented for the nine days in Goodyear here are some photographs.
In Part 79 I describe going out to see the house and this is a photograph we took of the house that trip.



These are the two cars left in the garage permanently for the folks that own the home. Those people are Canadians living in the Edmonton area. The cars are registered here in Arizona.



This is the front entrance to the house when you enter the front door.

This is the main dining room as seen from the front entrance.

The kitchen.
The swimming pool.
This is the patio off the kitchen dining area.
The backyard.

This is just off the lower family room. The house has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and two family rooms. One family room is just to the left of the main front entrance. The other is just behind the kitchen dining area on a lower level. There are four levels to the house.

This is the mob, tribe, gang, the choice of terminology is yours. Left to right is Donna and Dick. Standing is Joan, Ann and Sean. Our sister (Dick and I) Nancy is seated in from of those standing and that is her husband Oscar seated on the far right.

It was quite a day. One would have to see the traffic in order to believe it. One has to cross right through the main city from here to there and back again. It is solid traffic both ways and very little is four lanes, two each way. A good portion is twelve lanes, six each way. When you travel the speed limit you feel you are in everyone’s way, but that is their problem. There are plenty of police cars out and about.

It was a very nice day, it was good to see everyone and another great day is history.

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