The 2011 Trip
Part 123 – Haircut – Spuds on a barge – Ggrandfather Birthday

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The temperature at 8AM was 74.8F that felt like 77F under a clear sky.

Joan and I went over to Apache Junction. I got a hair cut. I wish one of these barbers would move to Halifax. They are “old timers” with an “old time barber shop”. One gets a great haircut for only $11.00. Joan went to Fry's grocery while I topped up the diesel tank at Fry's. I bought $70.00 worth and the truck took $64.88 so I had to trouble the lady in the glass cage to put the change back on the credit card. Thank God I lived back when life was different.

The temperature at 11:25AM was 90.8F that felt like 87F under a clear sky.

I washed the trailer windows that were in the shade with dish soap and a squeegee from Wal-Mart. The rubber is so stiff it made a mess. I will have to try something else. Joan said to do it like they do at Tim Horton's back home. I reckon that is the problem. Tim Horton's is a Canadian coffee shop that the whole country is addicted to. Nancy claimed she was having Tim's withdrawal yesterday. No doubt she was right.

Robert has the statistics for this site for the month of March. We had 342 unique visitors in March. If you are still there welcome aboard but I must admit I wonder why you are still here. Robert can do a search phase that tells him what brought one to this site. Yes, it is a most memorable question. “In Ontario is it legal to use spuds on a barge?” Sure, why not! There is a drill in the oil industry called a spud or spudder I believe. Maybe the barge needed a drill or to drill a hole in the mud below it. The reason for the question would be interesting. If you know the answer let us know.

Not likely anyone is interested but the original Spurgeon Roscoe was born on this day in 1859. So happy 152nd birthday wherever you are. He died in 1900 when 41 years old. The name originated with the Rev. Charles Hadden Spurgeon, the Billy Graham of the day.

The temperature at 12:35PM was 95.1F that felt like 91F under a clear sky. It is nice and warm with everything open and an electric oscillating fan running.

The temperature at 3:45PM was 98.9F that felt like 97F under a clear sky.

We heard a K6 and a W9 on 14023 kilohertz today but we did not try and work them. The W9 would never have heard me. The K6 probably would have heard me but he managed to talk to someone else quite fast so I did not bother to get fired up.

We washed the windows. We tried it the way they do it at Tim's. They are cleaner but not the cleanest I have seen and we drained both tanks. So it was a fairly good day around the trailer maintenance wise.

Our eight year old granddaughter phoned for a little chat so one cannot get it any better. A chat with an eight year old granddaughter has to brighten up anyone’s world. Joan spent a good portion of her day sitting in her new lawn chair reading/snoozing in the shade. One does not get it any better.

After supper Joan and I went for a swim. There were two other couples only in the pool. One couple were from the Windsor, Ontario area. This is their eighth year down here but they do not stay in this park. They stay in another close by and just came here for the night. They claim there is too much going on at this one that they do not want. They come for a month only.

After our swim Joan and I were the only ones in the hot tub. She got out and I remained in the tub all by myself for quite sometime. The other two couples did not use the hot tub.

It is official. The temperature hit 100F for the first time this year. It did this at the Sky Harbor Airport and is the official first 100 degree temperature for this year.

At 9:02PM it was 75.6F that felt like 76F under a clear sky. Joan and I sat out watching the stars, aircraft and what have you after our swim. A beautiful evening. Joan claims she could sleep outside in her new chair all night. The first coyote bark would see her leave a vapour trail into the trailer I am sure.

Another good day is history.

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