The 2011 Trip
Part 124 – Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club – Swimming Pool

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

The temperature at 5AM was 68.3F that felt like 68.3F under a partly cloudy sky.

Joan and I were up early to go to the Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club breakfast. This is the Phoenix, Arizona, amateur radio club.


This is a photograph of the breakfast. When told where we are camped, K7DD (Deputy Dawg) said “That is the other side of the world”. He was not far off. A short piece of the road over to the breakfast is four lanes but most of it is twelve; six lanes going each way and they all are plugged solid with traffic. We should have visited them more often but the traffic and distance kept us back until today. We did not brag about the Halifax Amateur Radio Club too much because we received an invitation to their next monthly meeting.

The three we managed to get to know well enough to record here are Mike, K7DD, Jack, KD7RCJ, Bruce, WB7SRC, Chuck, WA6AYS and XYL Thelma. Thelma and Chuck were both taking a course on amateur radio and had to go to class right after the breakfast. Joan and Thelma, the two girls at the breakfast enjoyed each other. Thelma was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. She was a grown woman before she saw snow. Just think of the snowsuits, snowmen, snowball fights, etc., that she missed out on.

Joan, Thelma, Chuck, Bruce, Mike and I were at the same table going around clockwise and can be seen in the photograph. Jack was down at the other table and apparently those at the other table, or most of them, were the executive of the club. They had a meeting there right after the breakfast and Joan and I left before the meeting.

We called the clan at Goodyear when we left the meeting but could get no answer. Joan left a message on their phone that we were going back home thinking they all had gone somewhere. Nancy and Dick both phoned later in the day wondering where we were. We figured they were enjoying themselves and do not need our supervision.

The temperature at 10:30AM was 88.7F that felt like 85F under scattered clouds. The clouds were mainly cirrus. It was one hot sunny day with the clouds blocking the sun for a few minutes from time to time. The temperature at 1:30PM was 95.0F that felt like 90F under scattered clouds. The clouds were cirrus and alto cumulus. It was windy. They forecasted high wind so we brought the large awning in last evening and left it in.

The temperature at 4:30PM was 91.4F that felt like 87F under mostly cloudy skies. The mostly cloudy was cirrus and alto cumulus.

Dick and Annie moved into the site across from us with their motorhome while we were out for breakfast. They had been up near the gate for a month. I was over visiting with Dick when Dale came over to borrow his ladder. His ladder was not that high so I loaned him ours. He said he wants to clean the eves of his place and needs it for a couple of days.

Dick and Annie are the fourth ones on that site since we backed in here way back in December.

After supper Joan and I went for a swim. There were two teen age girls in the pool when we arrived and grand daughters of someone in the park. Their father came and collected them shortly after we got in the pool. After that Joan and I had the pool and hot tub to ourselves. It is hard to believe with all the people still in this park.



These are photographs we took of the pool and hot tub back on January 28th. Joan and I watched the sunset tonight from the swimming pool. With the cloud cover it was a fairly nice sunset. The temperature at 7:45PM was 82.1F that felt like 80F under mostly cloudy skies.

At 8:50PM the temperature was 78.4F that felt like 78F under a clear sky according to the weather station. Joan and I sat outside and watched the aircraft, stars and clouds. There was quite a few alto cumulus clouds around when the weather station reported a clear sky. The clouds would often block a star from view so were quite thick.

That was the day.

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