The 2011 Trip
Part 125 – Ron & Jan leave for home – Happy Birthday Hank

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

At 6AM the temperature was 66.6F with a clear sky and by 7:20AM it was 67.4F and mostly cloudy. The 67.4F felt like 67.4F and one wonders what formula they use to get that figure. It was another nice sunny morning.



Good friends and neighbours, Ron and Jan left for home in Colorado at 8:05AM. Jan said “Be sure and close the gate when you leave.” We will not be the last out. There are some who live here all year. We hope to be able to find campgrounds when we leave and most of those in Alberta do not open until May 15th. That is according to the campground directories.

The temperature at 8:25AM was 70.3F that felt like 76F under a mostly cloudy sky. The mostly cloudy was mainly cirrus and alto cumulus.

Hank the church choir director was 85 years old today and they had a special musical service to celebrate this. There were 138 of us in attendance. It was a great service with cake and coffee afterwards. We ate our cake with a couple from northeastern Pennsylvania.

There have been quite a few leave for home already but 138 was a good turn out when you look at all the empty sites in the park. Bill is from Palmer, Alaska, and leaves this week. He will “dilly daddle” like the majority. Why hurry there is lots of time when retired. Bill told us there are quite a few campgrounds that will put you up in Alberta and along the Alaska Highway after April 1st. So it should not be that bad after all.

I managed to speak to Debbie the pianist and told her how much we have enjoyed her playing. We of course mentioned that Josie has been taking piano since she was three years old. We feel that if Josie keeps at it and is half as good as Debbie it will be money well spent.

Joan and I arrived back at the trailer at 11:55AM when the temperature was 82.9F that felt like 81F with scattered clouds. The scattered clouds were alto cumulus.

Joan did laundry this afternoon. The laundry piles up in a hurry it seems. The days disappear so fast no wonder! The laundry was finished and stowed back in the trailer closets by 1:45PM. At 2PM the temperature was 85.9F that felt like 83F with a partly cloudy sky. The cloud was mostly cirrus and some alto cumulus. A beautiful day!

At 2:30PM the temperature was 86.8F that felt like 83F still under a partly cloudy sky of cirrus and alto cumulus. It was quite windy as well. The awning is still stowed and not out. Every so often the wind slams the door that is open and held back by Joan's little stool she uses to reach the cupboards. It is rather noisy.

At 3:05PM the temperature was 86.1F that felt like 83F and a partly cloudy sky. The temperature was starting to fall.

About 3:10PM I called on 14023 kilohertz several times but could get no one to answer me. I dropped down on 40-meters and called on 7055 kilohertz. John at Amarillo, Texas, answered me and we had a great chat that lasted nearly a half hour. His weather was the same as here, hot and windy. We plan to leave here in a couple of weeks and I plan to drop down on 7055 kilohertz and stay there. Once we cross into Canada I will switch from CW to phone and hopefully connect with a net or two on that frequency.

At 5PM the temperature was 85.1F that felt like 82F under a partly cloudy sky. The cloud was probably cirrus and alto cumulus. We cannot see any cloud from the trailer. It is still hot and windy. We have had to close the trailer door because the wind blows it shut no matter how hard we try and brace it open.

At 6PM the temperature was 81.8F that felt like 80F and a partly cloudy sky.

Joan and I went for a swim after supper. There was one other couple in the pool. They were from Michigan and had eaten their steak supper with us the night the park put on the steak supper. Joan and I had the pool and hot tub to ourselves after they left. A guy from Minnesota came in to the hot tub with us and was still there when we left. The pool and hot tub does not seem to get the use it should.

At 8:10PM the temperature was 72.6F that felt like 75F under a clear sky. Joan and I sat out and watched the stars, airplanes and one bat for quite awhile when we got home. There are so few bugs around here that the bat was having slim pickings. Augie, next door, was over for a minute and said the bat came down out of the hills.

It is nice to know there is at least one bat around to eat the few bugs that are around here. Joan claims the crickets are louder here than home but I cannot hear them with my tinnitus.

That was the day and another is history.

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