The 2011 Trip
Part 129 – Dick & Donna flew to Calgary – Nancy & Oscar flew to Halifax – 2'22”

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

The temperature at 5AM was 61.0F that felt like 61.0F with scattered cloud. The scattered cloud was a mixed bag. Some cumulus, alto cumulus and cirrus. The sky looked like it had rained recently. By 8AM the temperature was 66.9F that felt like 66.9F and was mostly cloudy.


This is Dick and Oscar relaxing after the museum tour. This trailer is sitting in the wrong direction. There is no shade from the trailer in the afternoon. The sun actually shines right under the awning so we use the truck for shade and the reason they are sitting so close to the truck.


This is Donna driving Joan's new and favourite lawn chair. Joan spends a lot of time reading and snoozing in it. Nancy was in the trailer busy on this lap top computer.

I spent most of this morning getting part 128, the botanical garden visit ready. Actually it took me until 1:30PM. It takes me, and has taken me 2'22” (two minutes twenty-two seconds) to transmit each and every photograph to Robert. It is very hard to keep concentrating on the job when one can do nothing but sit and wait for this lap top to do its thing. Rather boring to say the least and every so often I make a “Boo Boo” and have to do it over again. Luckily Robert is very easy to live with.

Oscar and Nancy flew out for home about 11AM. They left here for Newark, New Jersey, and then on to Halifax. Dick and Donna left at 1:35PM we believe for Vancouver then on to Calgary. It has been quite windy all day but that would not harm them. A bit bumpy going up after take off but they soon smooth out above the roughest of the weather. We do not see nor hear their aircraft here. The ones we see and hear are going south or southeast.

We did not go to the airport for their arrival or departure. There is just too much traffic, it is too far and very confusing. They left at different terminals and had their rental car to unload.

The temperature at 3:40PM shortly after my afternoon snooze was 80.0F that felt like 79F with a mostly cloudy sky. Some of that cloud was those nice puffy bright cumulus.

Right after supper at 5:30PM the temperature was 81.1F that felt like 79F under a mostly cloudy sky.

Joan walked up to the library after supper. It was too windy and therefore cold for a swim. I simply did some odds and ends around here. Joan had quite a trip. She was the only one up there. No one in the pool, library or exercise room. She did a mile on a tread mill while watching the news on TV. Spent some time in the library. Watched a lizard run across the lawn and a desert cottontail eat some grass. One cannot get it more exciting.

K0MD was working some DX on 14023 kilohertz at 6:50PM. The first time I have had time to turn the radio on for a few days. He was working some Russians, an XU and several other stations I did not catch the call sign. At least he was using call signs and not just sending his own. I could not hear the stations on the other end.

We are back in the groove. The day ended with the evening movie and the temperature was 70.3F when it ended. The temperature felt like 76F under a clear sky.

Another day is history.

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