The 2011 Trip
Part 13 Bernice

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Up at 0600 and had breakfast. I tuned up on the TPN with hopes of hearing someone. I could hear voices very weak and unable to copy and then a contest came right on frequency. K8IJ was the strongest and very loud. As I suspected a contest would be on and kill any attempt one made for contact. To heck with it and back to bed.

At 0830 the sun is shining and it just might be a nice day. It was colder in the trailer last night than it was the night before. We did not have the furnace come on the night before but it came on several times last night.

We had a good day doing nothing special just visiting with Bob and Josie and enjoying every minute. Josie made us a southern breakfast including grits. The first time we had eaten them. We had taken this lap top computer over to Bob's house and he and I tried several things to get it to work without any luck. Bob knows a lot more about these things than I and I know enough to be dangerous.

The weather remained sunny all day but cool.

I came out to the trailer a couple of times and the contest was still going strong.


Josie, KD5YHE, and Joan.

Bob and I made a garbage run to their dump. That was the most exciting thing we did all day. This was right after a great roast beef supper.


Spud, VE1BC, and Bob, WA5AWC.

Rosie their oldest daughter came over for the evening. Rosie is a school teacher and teaches the 2nd grade in Ruston.

Bob and Josie both enjoy cats and take in any stray. The cats live out around the yard and do not enter the house. They have a couple of tree houses they can crawl in and keep each other company. At the moment they have twenty-one.


Bob feeding the cats.

We came home for the night and to bed at 2200. Josie has to go to work at the bank early in the morning and we plan to leave in the morning. It is forecasted to go down to 22F tonight and it feels it. Actually it feels like a cold October night in Nova Scotia.

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