The 2011 Trip
Part 130 – They all made it home okay – Quite windy most of day

Friday, April 8th, 2011

The temperature at 2:40AM was 56.6F under a clear sky. I was up during the night as one can tell. I finally crawled out at 8:45AM when the temperature was 61.4F under a mostly cloudy sky. It appeared to be mostly alto cumulus with a mixed bag of cirrus and a little cumulus. The sun did not cast a shadow around the trailer.

We heard from them all this morning. They all made it home okay including Liz and Chris from Florida.

The temperature at 11:30AM was 68.6F under a mostly cloudy sky of cumulus, alto cumulus and cirrus. The sun was able to create a shadow now and then.

At 12:05PM 91 year old Ed W2ULP answered my call on 14023 kilohertz and we had a great chat.

The wind was getting up with wind, rain, thunder and lightning in the forecast so I went out and brought the HF antenna down at 1:15PM. While I was at it we stowed the satellite antenna for the road as well. We do not use it so will leave it stowed.

At 1:30PM the temperature was 71.0F that felt like 76F, mostly cloudy and quite windy. By 4PM the temperature was 72.3F that still felt like 76F and still mostly cloudy. The wind was stronger. I had to remove the railing on the patio it was rattling away and nearly drove one crazy. The lawn chairs are all stowed. The awnings are still all stowed so let her rain, blow or whatever it wants to do.

Joan went for a walk this morning and we had a snooze this afternoon. We are winding down and enjoying it.

At 5:30PM supper was over and cleared away. The temperature then was 70.4F that felt like 76F and mostly cloudy. The wind was strong.

We did a trip to the dumpster around 6PM. This place is like a ghost town, there was no one around. We checked the mail box, library, exercise room and so on but no one around. We went up the main road and came back on the path. One guy was walking his little white dog so we were not completely alone.

The sunset at 6:50PM was redder than usual but not really red like they can be with this much cloud cover. It was still quite windy with a temperature of 65.1F that felt like 65.1F. The mostly cloudy does have a few breaks that show a bit of blue sky.

The day ended with the evening movie when the temperature was 62.1F that felt like 62.1F under a clear sky. The wind had died out quite a bit.

Another day is history.

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