The 2011 Trip
Part 131 – Heavy Rain – Snow again on Superstition Mountain

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Every time I woke up in the night it was raining heavy. The temperature at 8AM was 42.1F that felt like 42F with an overcast sky and heavy rain. It probably washed all the red dust off things. The trailer roof had a good dusting of red dust when I was up to lower the HF antenna.

At 9AM the temperature was 41.0F that felt like 41F in light rain. There were a few good puddles around. This is the most rain we have had since we arrived in December.

By 11:35AM the temperature was up slightly to 42.9F that felt like 43F and still overcast and raining. It was hard to make out Superstition Mountain all morning for the low cloud, mist, fog or whatever it was. It is hard to believe that this place hit 100F for the first time this year the other day. Our furnace was on often all day.

It was great that Dick, Donna, Nancy and Oscar were here last week. It would have been terrible for them to be here with this weather.

It was cold, dark and dismal after dinner. It had stopped raining. Joan had a snooze on the futon and I had a good one up on the bed. At about 2:30PM I went outside to take a photograph of the snow on Superstition Mountain. Dick and Ann were out looking at the snow at the same time. They had seen snow there once on a previous visit to this area. When it snowed there on February 27th the local newspaper had two photographs of it in their newspaper. So it is a big deal.


The snow on Superstition Mountain.

Dick and Ann are from California. They came in and we had a great visit until 5:30PM. The sun had been out since about 3:30PM. Our furnace came on several times while they were here. At 5:30PM the temperature was 47.1F that felt like 47F and mostly cloudy. It felt raw cold when I went out and put the rail up on the patio for Dick and Ann but it was sunny.

The sunset was no sunset at all. Heavy black cumulus clouds had formed and covered the western sky and it simply got dark.

At 7:15PM the temperature was 45.0F that felt like 45F and mostly cloudy. It was mostly cloudy alright. It was solid overcast. Joan and I did a dumpster run right after that. It is so quiet here in the park it is rather eerie. There are still a few here but you rarely see anyone. We bundled up with the warmest of our clothing as though it were winter and that is what it felt like.

The day ended with the evening movie. The furnace in these trailers is very noisy. It was near impossible to hear the movie at times. We also have the dehumidifier on to keep the dampness down. The movie ended at 9:30PM when the temperature was 43.8F that felt like 44F. Believe it or not the sky was clear. It will be a cool/cold night.

That was our day.

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