The 2011 Trip
Part 132 – The wind was cool – Sweet Pickle

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

A cool night with the furnace coming on now and then to keep us from freezing. A beautiful sunrise with some snow still visible on Superstition Mountain. The temperature at sunrise was 35.8F that felt like 36F and in shallow fog. There is a new one. The sky was clear with the sun shining into the trailer from the windows facing the east. Good thing. Had it been from the windows facing west something would be awful wrong.

The temperature at 6:50AM was 38.7F that felt like 39F and still listed as in shallow fog. There was some alto cumulus around. We could not find the official minimum temperature.

At 8:25AM the temperature was 48.1F that felt like 48F with scattered clouds, cirrus and alto cumulus. Flagstaff is north of us and we went through there on our way to the Grand Canyon. They received ten inches of snow yesterday. It is a good thing we were not on our way to the canyon.

Joan and I emptied the tanks and I put the HF antenna back up about 10AM. I was right, the rain has washed the trailer roof clean.

Joan and I went over to Apache Junction at around 10:30AM. There was still a light skiff of snow on Superstition Mountain at that time.

We created a little inflation at Wal-Mart and Ace Hardware. We then went for dinner at the Village Inn. When we arrived home at 1:30PM the snow was gone from the mountain. The temperature at 1:50PM was 64.4F that felt like 64.3F. That is what they state so those folks are good. That is the second time they have felt a 0.1F degree difference. The sky was partly cloudy with a few puffy cumulus around. A very nice day but the wind was raw cold and blowing to the point we did not put the awnings out.



This Jeep Cherokee lives next door to us here in the park. It has a few extras and is a nice looking rig.

The temperature at 4:15PM was 67.0F that felt like 67F with partly cloudy skies. Joan held down the futon and read all afternoon and I had a snooze up on the bed. The wind was just too cool to sit out.

While watching the Gold Canyon weather station for the temperature the temperature changed to 62.0F under a partly cloudy sky at 6:15PM.

The day ended with the evening movie when the temperature was 52.9F under a clear sky. We did not make a dumpster trip.

Another day was history.

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