The 2011 Trip
Part 134 – One heck of a sore throat

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

The temperature about 6:30AM was 63.6F under a mostly cloudy sky. At 9:10AM it was 69.9F with scattered alto cumulus and cirrus.

I slept right through until 8:45AM and still feel rotten. Joan slept down on the futon with hopes of not catching this rotten cold. She cleaned out the old caulking in the shower yesterday and re-caulked it this morning. It certainly looks better and hopefully it is leak proof. We bought the caulking awhile ago and wanted to do it here where it is good and warm.

The temperature at 10:07AM was 72.2F that felt like 76F under partly cloudy alto cumulus and cirrus. Another nice day with a few more of our neighbours hitching up and leaving.

I went back to bed for awhile after reading these old Crowsnest that I enjoy very much. When I got up at 12:38PM the temperature was 80.4F that felt like 79F and a clear sky. Joan had been sitting out reading. We are lucky we did not have this rotten cold last week when Dick, Donna, Nancy and Oscar were here. That would have been awful.

At 3:02PM the temperature was 82.9F that felt like 80F with a clear sky. It was warm and nice. I spent most of the day in bed and Joan sat out and read. By 4:45PM it was 83.7F that felt like 81F under a clear sky. One beautiful day.

The day ended with the movie when the temperature was 68.0F and a clear sky. I did not know one could have such a sore throat and for such a long time. It has to break soon.

In the meantime another day is history.

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