The 2011 Trip
Part 135 – I may live - there is hope

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Another beautiful day. At 6:45AM the temperature was 56.0F and at 9:35AM it was 71.0F that felt like 76F. We could see none of their partly cloudy they recorded from the trailer. At 1:35PM the temperature was 80.1F that felt like 79F with a clear sky.

I'm starting to feel human again, whatever that is, and so far I have not bitten anyone. The temperature at 4:25PM was 82.9F that felt like 80F under a clear sky. Joan and I managed to get some reading in. She outside in the sin with me in the trailer. It is a bit windy with the odd good gust.

By 7:10PM the temperature was 75.3F that felt like 76F and the partly cloudy was a bit of alto cumulus and cirrus. The day ended with the evening movie when the temperature was 67.4F and a clear sky.

That was the day and it is now history.

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