The 2011 Trip
Part 136 – The sunset was better than some

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

The temperature at 6:45AM was 48.7F and 56.6F at 7:20AM. We could see neither the scattered cloud nor the partly cloudy from the trailer. It looked like clear sky. A nice sunny morning. Joan and I jumped in the truck and went over to two quilting supply Stores and the grocery store across the road here. We left about 10AM and got back at 1:30PM when the temperature was 77.7F under a clear sky. I sat in the truck the whole time and listened to my music CD's that I do not often get a chance to hear. It was rather nice just sitting there watching the people and vehicles. I did not want to go in and hack and cough near everyone. It gave Joan a nice break as well. I laid down for a minute but my coughing would not let me lay long. At 3:13PM the temperature was 80.2F that felt like 78F. I have yet to figure out this felt like foolishness. It was a clear sky and we agree with that.



This was tonight’s sunset when the temperature was 71.0F that felt like 74F under scattered clouds. Back home in Nova Scotia this would be a pretty sunset. Here it is a couple of notches above “Ho Hum”. That means it is a bit better than normal. I took these two photographs a few minutes apart off the patio on our trailer looking over Augie and Paul's trailer next door.

The day ended with the evening movie when the temperature was 63.2F under a clear sky.

That was the day and another good one is history.

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