The 2011 Trip
Part 138 – Back to WiFi Monday – Doves – Vacancy - Para-sails

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Temperature 54.2F at 6:15AM with a partly cloudy sky and 77.5F that felt like 77F under a clear sky at 9:08AM. Joan had the refrigerator defrosted first thing this morning.

At 11AM the temperature was 85.6F that felt like 82F under a clear sky. It was warm. At 2PM it was 93.9F that felt like 89F under a clear sky. It was one gorgeous day that we would like to drag along with us.

On Monday April 18th we plan to take everything back to Mediacom and pay up what we owe. This means we will not have Internet and will have to revert to WiFi if we can find it and get it to work. We will keep plugging away and Robert will put it on here if and when he receives it. Keep the emails coming and we will answer them when we can.

Laurie and John left for Penetang at noon today. They had their car loaded and the guy on the corner across from them parked his pickup in their yard to make it looked lived in. He used to leave that pickup more or less in the road. It is identical to the one our son Jeff owns so looks a bit like family over there.

There has been a contest on 14023 kilohertz most of the day.

The temperature at 4PM was 95.7 that felt like 91F with a partly cloudy sky. Beautiful day with all the windows and hatches open.



These two Mourning Doves spent the whole afternoon eating around this one bush while we sat within ten feet of them. Joan sprinkled a few bread crumbs around them and they ate that along with the seeds from that bush.

There are a lot of these doves around here and always in pairs. I do not know if it is the season or if they mate for life somewhere along the line. There were several more pairs that stopped by but when they came close to their bush the one on the left put the run to them. He, and I assume it was he, actually knocked one right over on its side. They all took off after the attack each time. When they fly they make a whistling sound especially on the take off. It sounds like their wings making the sound. Their call is an awful mournful sound and it usually starts just before sunup.

There has to be bird of every description around this park although we have seen few that we recognize. They are forever chirping to one another and everyone in general. There is one big one, at least it sounds big, and its call is the letter R in Morse code. It near drives me nuts. One was down around the office tonight on our dumpster trip. It is at sunup that the thing drives me nuts.
This is a side view of the California motorhome we described in yesterday's report. It must have been hot in that morothome today. The old thermometer mounted on the wall in this trailer read 101F all afternoon. They tell those who leave these rigs here like that to place a 45 gallon drum of water in them. They dry out so bad from the dry heat. Apparently the drum will be empty in the fall from evaporation and they feel it helps the interior woodwork, etc.

If you were here, this is what it now looks like, now that you are not. We now have to use the street signs in order to find our way around. We cannot turn at so-and-so's rig. It feels eerie actually.
pic6   pic7   pic8
A couple of the “Old Farts” that were here had the para-sails kicked out from next to the park. There are those on this earth just to make it miserable for the rest of us I am sure. Tonight at sunset the three para-sails flew in and around again. I took sixteen photographs of them and these are the three best. It is near impossible to get a good photograph of one.

The day ended with the evening movie again. The temperature was 71.3F that felt like 75F under a clear sky.

Another good day was history.

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