The 2011 Trip
Part 140 – Our Last Day at Canyon Vistas, Gold Canyon

Monday, April 18th, 2011

We went down our To Do List with hopes all will be in order for our departure tomorrow.

This will be our first report via WiFi if we can get one to work.

At 8AM the temperature was 74.9F that felt like 76F under scattered cloud.

At 9AM the modem and all things connected to the Internet were in the truck yet this computer does not seem to know it. It is awful slow at 2:40PM but still works as though on the Internet. It must be some sort of WiFi we have not run into.

The temperature at 2:35PM was 92.4F that felt like 88F under partly cloudy sky.

We each got a haircut and then to Wal-Mart and created inflation. Then to Fry's and topped up the diesel tank. To the bank for more cash. Then lunch at Jack in the Box. Joan went to Bashas and created some more inflation. When we got things stowed in the trailer we took everything back to the Canyon Vistas Office. Now to get everything checked, hooked up and disconnected. We will do the most of that in the morning.

We spent most of the afternoon sitting outside enjoying the day. We had seven mourning doves eating around us all afternoon and at times they would come within three feet of our lawn chair. I checked the air in each air bag and two were down. The front left and rear left were down a bit. I backed the truck up to the corner of the trailer to where our twelve volt compressor would reach and filled both. I greased the pin on the fifth wheel hitch. I brought down the HF antenna and stowed it. After supper Joan and I strapped her bicycle into its rack and covered it with the barbeque cover we bought at Wal-Mart today. As we were finishing up these things Dick and Ann came over. We simply sat outside and talked until 10:45PM. A great evening with a full moon. An owl kept flying around and Dick spotted a coyote. He was a good sized one. He came down Canyon Vistas Drive and simply leaped up and walked along the top of the high cement fence. The coyote simply went over the other side of the fence into what is known as Montesa. He was a beautiful animal but made no noise. No doubt there were others he could have called in had he wanted.

When we came in at 10:45PM we could not get a temperature on this computer. In other words the internet was not working.

And another great day was history.






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