The 2011 Trip
Part 141 – Gold Canyon to Yuma, Arizona 

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

We were up at 6:05AM but unable to get a temperature. It was a normal Gold Canyon sunny morning. We simply got ready to leave.

Augie was over and said good bye last evening. Dick, Ann and Brenda met us at the trailer after we had it hooked on, everything stowed and ready to leave. They were great people like so many we have met on these excursions with these trailers.

We put 3,656 kilometers on the truck without the trailer while at Gold Canyon from December 18th, 2010, until today April 19th, 2011.

We departed Canyon Vistas Resot at 9:19AM and went to Wal-Mart Apache Junction. During the four months we were camped in that park I said I wanted to get a good photograph of the truck and trailer next to the palm trees in their parking lot. We arrived at their parking lot at 9:41AM took the photographs and were back on the road at 9:45AM.


The truck and trailer at Apache Junction, Arizona

I made a right turn on leaving the parking lot and GPS did not suggest that so had to re-calculate. The GPS then took us over to the 202 South highway and on to Yuma. A much better route through the back way. It was a lot of two lane rough road but little traffic and a most enjoyable drive down through Maricopa.

We were along the railroad track most of the way. There were several very long trains. They had to be a couple of miles long. One train was nothing but flat cars and each car had a truck trailer for containers. Not one of the truck trailers had anything on them. It was different to say the least.


A long container train northeast of Yuma, Arizona

We arrived here at the Bonita Mesa RV Park at 1:35PM. This was the park Don had suggested and the one we had programmed into the GPS. The dang GPS took us to the other side of a 4-lane freeway and we had to un-plug it and fight our way back across the freeway into the park. We mentioned this to the lady on the desk and she said her GPS would not bring her into the park as well. So they know about it.


The Bonita Mesa RV Park Sign out by the main road and can be seen by the four lane freeway passing the park.

The trip from Gold Canyon to Yuma was 332 kilometers. It was a great park, Bonita, and received the Joan and Spud seal of approval.

We did not get a password for the WiFi here at Bonita Mesa RV Park. We had nothing ready to transmit and to be truthful about it we never thought of it at the office. In other words we are a little out of shape and need to get better organized.

pic4   pic5   pic6

These are some of the photographs Joan had taken coming down today.

It was 85F or higher all the way down. We backed the trailer in on site 293 with help from a guy who works at the park. He was so impressed with the trailer we gave him the grand tour. After that we hooked things up and I laid on the bed for a few minutes. I had just come down to the table and computer when Don and Bernie arrived.

Joan, Bernie and Don

It was sure good to see them. We first met in the spring of 1964 at Teslin, Yukon and have been good friends since. It was around 3:30PM when they picked us up and took us over to their home a couple of miles away. We had a great evening just reminiscing and a great barbeque steak dinner. They brought us back to the trailer at 11PM with the idea of picking us up at 12:30PM tomorrow.

The mileage from Gold Canyon to Yuma was 332 kilometers.

Another great day was history.

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