The 2011 Trip
Part 146 – Las Vegas, Nevada to Provo, Utah – The most difficult day so far

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

The temperature in the trailer at 7:40AM was 66F but it felt much warmer. Probably the sun shining in the trailer from a nice sunny morning made it feel warmer.

We took our time but got around and got ready to leave. We left the Oasis RV Park, Las Vegas, Nevada at 9:43AM our time. We managed to get a bit twisted around on leaving but was soon straightened out and on interstate 15 north. The area appeared to be a lot of new construction and there was a lack of signs.

Joan took a few photographs of the city as we left. As one can see, Elvis is in this building.
This was just outside Las Vegas heading north on interstate 15.
We went up and down some good steep hills and through what must have taken some real engineering to build a highway.

This was a beautiful sunny morning and we drove to Mesquite, Nevada, and stopped at the Wal-Mart there at 11:37AM. We parked in behind the store. We noticed a motorhome in behind and felt that is where they parked to find some Wal-Mart service technicians working on the motorhome. The signs said truck route, so we kept trucking and came out in behind the Wal-Mart store where a couple of their large trailers were parked along with one truck sitting there idling. We parked right in with them as though we owned the joint. It was Sunday morning so not much was taking place.

We went in the store and created a little inflation. When we came out Joan took the cart over to one side of the parking area while I backed the truck and trailer out and drove over. A large motorhome was parked there and the guy was quite a character. He said he was getting ready to steal Joan until he saw me coming. We had a bit of a chat and swapped a story or two.

Once the groceries were loaded we did a check and went over to the Chevron pumps and topped up the diesel tank. We left Mesquite at 12:28PM our time.

We pulled into a rest area for a snooze and bit of a break at 1:56PM and left at 2:23PM.

We kept coming north on interstate 15 and it was nice to see green grass, cattle in the fields, mountains and so on. We kept watching a heavy rain shower off to the northwest of us. On occasion we went through some rain.


When we hit Fillmore, Utah, we hit more than rain. It was heavy hail, thunder and lightning. The road was slick in no time. The SUV in front of us slid all over the road and finally went off to the right and down into the ditch.

At that moment I brought the pucker factor up a few notches, got both hands on the wheel, made sure the cruise control was off and had my right hand ready to lock the trailer brakes if needed. We took a slow run to the next exit and luckily it was not that far. We went off the exit and around all the vehicles parked alongside the exit road. A few vehicles had gone under the overpass and stopped under there. Joan spotted the Chevron station just around the corner so we went in there. They had a wide parking area and we had that all to ourselves.


Joan took this photograph out her window shortly after we parked. One can see the traffic northbound on interstate 15. In the meantime three or four fire trucks and three or four police vehicles went to the assistance of a vehicle that was off on the south bound lane down out of sight near the overpass. The vehicle that had the fire and police vehicles out was down between the two lanes, just right of the overpass.

We went in this parking area at 4:35PM our time and left ten minutes later at 4:45PM. By then we could see the traffic on the interstate getting up to speed.

We went back on interstate 15 and found it all right. There was a lot of traffic. A few were going way too slow and creating a nuisance for one and all. We managed to get around them. This truck is a beautiful piece of equipment and can handle this trailer with no trouble. It poured rain pretty well the rest of the trip. One kid on a motorcycle was a pain in butt. He had his four-way flashers on most of the time so we could see him at least. We went around him once and the first chance he had he was in front of us again so we simply followed him.

Joan had found the Lakeside RV Campground, 4000 W. Center Street, Provo, Utah, in among her charts and publications that sounded like the best place to go. We headed for that when we left Las Vegas. Our neighbours in Las Vegas were from Salt Lake City and said they made it from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City in a day. So we aimed for that and made it.

We pulled into the Lakeside Campground at 6:45PM our time. That is 7:45PM here at Provo. The office was closed but we found a map stating where to go. So we pulled into site G1 and hooked up and shut down. The guy in G2 was not happy about it but we have learned he is a bit of a nut. The office told us to take this site so that is between he and the office as far as we are concerned.


This is the main entrance to the campground on Center Street. The red just to the right of the sign is our truck.

It was raining when we pulled in and cold. The temperature coming up the road had been down to the low thirties Fahrenheit and seldom much above fifty Fahrenheit. Joan in her infinite wisdom had purchased a cooked chicken and a couple of salads at Wal-Mart. That was still warm and supper. Not bad at all. I had water and electricity hooked up only. Will dump tanks when we leave. We dropped the trailer on her front stabilizers and that is all we have been doing lately. It works well but leaves the front of the trailer up a bit.

We found this WiFi working well and managed to clean up our email traffic and alert the world to our existence. Once that was done we called it a day.

Another day was history and it was a very tiring day indeed.

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