The 2011 Trip
Part 147 – Lakeside Campground, Provo, Utah

Monday, April 25th, 2011

The mileage we put on the vehicles from Las Vegas, Nevada, to here at Provo, Utah, was 653 kilometres. Believe me, we both felt it. That was a lot for good trucking with good weather and a lot of yesterday was far from that.

We slept very well here at the Lakeside Campground and were up at 6:45AM. The furnace had been coming on all night. We still had our warm weather sheets on the bed and the one wool blanket.

We got around and went to the office at 9AM our time not realizing it was 10AM and got settled up in order to stay until check out tomorrow at 12 noon their time or 11AM our time.

We tried to send the photographs to Robert but this WiFi cannot handle them. We were able to burn anything on the stack of discs we brought until yesterday. This lap top has decided our discs are the wrong type. These computers are great but can be a proverbial pain at times. We do not dare to do anything to the photographs until we have them backed up on several discs. Please be patient, Robert will have them on here as soon as he can even if I have to mail them to him.

This is our truck and trailer in site G1.
These horses are in the pasture across from the campground.
The Provo River runs around the campground and is full of ducks. These are a few of them.
These are the snow capped mountains across from the campground to the south east.

K5NI from Texas is here camped behind us and a CW operator. I noticed his pickup and we have been chatting. He has a noon sked on 40-meters with his buddy back home.

As soon as we were settled up with the office Joan did laundry and had everything over and done with by 1PM our time. We dug around and found the flannel sheets for the bed. We have our summer shorts washed and put away. It will be summer in Nova Scotia before we will want to use them again we are certain.

They have snow forecasted for this area tomorrow so we will take a look at the weather tomorrow morning. There are some beautiful snow capped mountains here and Joan went walking and taking photographs this afternoon.


This is an old Boles Aero trailer that is being restored here in this campground. It looks like the cement pad was made just for this one trailer. That trailer pulled with an old pickup of the same year would make for one nice looking outfit. Some campgrounds refuse to let campers that are ten years old or older in. Crazy!

The weather here is typical weather near a mountain. It rained for awhile, the sun shone for awhile, the mountains were very clear for awhile, we could not see the mountains for awhile, the furnace was on for awhile and just wait a few minutes it will all change again.

The sun set about 8:30PM our time and we could see the snow capped mountains to the southeast of here. There was a lot of high cumulus cloud around. The Provo Municipal Airport is south of us a couple of miles. We watched a couple of small jet aircraft land during the day. Probably small scheduled passenger aircraft.

Wonders shall never cease. Put a mark on the wall! Our propance bottle went dry before I was in bed. That is great. I'll get a full one before we leave the campground in the morning. We have two 30 pound bottles with one in use at a time. When it goes dry we have to manually switch the other on. They normally go dry in the middle of the night and one is out freezing their butt changing them over.

That was the day and another day is history.

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