The 2011 Trip
Part 150 – Great Falls, Montana to Lethbridge, Alberta

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We were up early at about 6:50AM. We are now on Alberta time. We had been operating one hour behind them. We got around and on the road at 9:20AM. Dick's RV Park has the Spud and Joan seal of approval for sure.

This is the main office at Dick's RV Park that is owned and operated by Kathy, Bob and Jim Dick.
This is our little red truck and trailer that thinks it is a big diesel, at site E4 Dick's RV Park already to leave.

This is the only big hill from Great Falls to Lethbridge. The terrain was mostly flat. It was around 40F and the wind blew hard. So hard it was rather cool. We went through one little rain shower with hail in it but nothing to make the road slick. The speed limit was 75 MPH and we cruised along at 60 MPH but one had to keep some pressure on the wheel. The wind was trying to blow us east. A couple of birds tried to cross the road going west and gave up. They either went back to where they were or else tried another field farther east.

We made one stop in a rest area for a few minutes then kept trucking.


This is the Canada United States border crossing at Sweet Grass, Montana, or Coutts, Alberta. The choice of terminology is yours.

There was a very nice girl that handled things for us on entering Canada and a real pleasure to cross with her. It was certainly different than our experience going into the United States at Holten, Maine on November 29th.

We arrived at the border at 11:49AM and had to wait for the two vehicles ahead of us. The car right ahead of us in the photo skipped over and went through on the other lane to the right. We were finished and on our way at 11:55AM.

We were a bit concerned to be truthful about it with all this new border patrol business. We made sure we had no citrus fruit, tomatoes, meat and so on. The girl seemed more interested in our travels and the fact we were from Nova Scotia. We were rather disappointed that she did not ask us if the trailer was a horse trailer.

Oh well, it was indeed a pleasure and we hope all future crossings are as nice.

This is the Welcome to Alberta Sign.
We kept on trucking and wobbling a bit in the wind until we pulled into the Bridgeview RV Resort, 1501 2nd Avenue West, Lethbridge, Alberta at 1:12PM. A very pleasant place indeed.
We were assigned site 33 and were hooked up in no time. Joan headed for the laundry and I went to the office for some Wifi. We forgot the Wifi again on entry. We had to pay for this Wifi. Three dollars and change and were given a six letter code in order to access it.

The mileage for today was 304 kilometres. A nice easy day.

Joan phoned and reserved our site at the High River campground. We plan to leave here around noon tomorrow and proceed to site 11 at the High River campground tomorrow. Joan reserved it for one week and we will play it by ear as time goes by. Tomorrow is Friday and Jeff and Jodi will be off the weekend although Jeff is on course and will likely have to study.

The weather here was nice and sunny but the wind was raw cold and blew hard all day.

We had a bit of a rain shower at 4:30PM.

Tim, VE6CGZ, and Nancy picked us up at 5:30PM and took us over to his parents place for one fantastic dinner. Evelyn, VE6CHN, is a great cook and Joan still uses one of her cake recipes she gave Joan forty-five years ago. Joe, VE6PD, and I operated Yellowknife Aeradio, VFY2, forty-five years ago this year.

Joan, Spud, VE1BC, Joe, VE6PD, and Evelyn, VE6CHN.

I tried to transmit as many photographs as I could to Robert, G4PYR, after Tim and Nancy brought Joan and I back to the trailer. The Wifi here at this campground worked fairly well for transmitting these photographs.

That was our day, a very good one in deed and now it is history.

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