The 2011 Trip
Part 151 – Lethbridge, Alberta to High River, Alberta – Mileage!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

I felt certain I was going to be able to send Robert all the missing photographs. This Wifi was working nearly as well as the service we had at Gold Canyon. This computer up and quit once for no reason but came back after a couple of minutes and then Windows shut it down for updates once, but I kept going until I could no longer get it to transmit one photograph. No matter what I did it just would not work so I had to give up and went to bed at 2:35AM this morning.

I got up at 7:30AM to try and finish before we left this Wifi because it may be awhile before we are able to use the computer again. The cold rain, with a sprinkle of snow, was pitter pattering on the trailer roof. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

We were ready to go to High River at 10:05AM. We had been trying to get rid of one photograph since 7:30AM. We feel Robert has one and one only via Joan's gmail. It took forever to transmit it. We could transmit no more and have fifteen only that we wanted to transmit. None would work on this Wifi.

We departed Bridgeview RV Resort at 10:31AM and had a wet miserable drive. We pulled into Fort McLeod out of fuel again from strong head winds at 11:03AM and departed at 11:13AM. We hit hail within the steady rain just after leaving Fort McLeod. The road remained good although it did appear to be getting slick a few times. We pulled into the Subway Sandwich outlet at Nanton, Alberta at 12:11PM for a sandwich and drink. It was bitter cold, miserable at 34F. We departed Nanton at 12:37PM and arrived at the George Lane Park Campground, High River, Alberta at 1:18PM.

We had trouble finding the campground. It is well hidden and not well advertised, but we contacted the girl at the office who talked us in.

The total mileage for today was 160 miserable wet kilometres.

This is the first time the trailer and truck have been separated since Gold Canyon, Arizona. The mileage Gold Canyon, Arizona to High River, Alberta was 3,296 kilometres.

The total trailer mileage to date is 29,571.5 kilometres or very close to it. That is not much mileage for a rig designed to travel as well as this one.

This is a nice little park here in High River, but all it has on site is electricity. We are able to fill our tank with potable water from the park community water tap. Our son has about six acres outside the city here but has one of those western type gates that the trailer will not go under. They are way out of town and we would rather be here in town. Both Jeff and Jodi are busy so it will be nice to walk in, around and out of town.

We dropped the trailer as soon as we arrived and I have the HF antenna up. I levelled up the trailer on the front stabilizer jacks and shortly after received a tremendous crash. I had the jacks locked and tight but they dropped down to nothing. The right one works okay but I cannot move the left one. So I placed several blocks under the left one and used the right one. I also dropped the back jacks. This trailer sat on those jacks all winter and rather strange they did that just now. Maybe they were too cold.


This is the front entrance to the campground. They were to open on May 1st but it looks like they opened on April 29th just for us. Joan had phoned for a reservation and to see if we could be accommodated.

This is the main office with lots of flags flying in today’s wind. One can see it will be awhile before the leaves arrive. It will be nice when they do.
This is the paved path into town. It looks like a nice bike riding trail as well.
This is our truck and trailer on the left in site 11. One can see the sign for the community water outlet on the right. With all the hose we have had to purchase we will be able to fill from site 11 with no trouble. The problem is there is no place to dump any water. We shall work it out.

Jeff and Jodi came in about 5PM and we all went to the Chinese Restaurant for dinner. We had a great dinner and visit. We came back to the trailer and visited some more. We called it a day when they went home.

Another great day was over and is now history.

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