The 2011 Trip
Part 152 – High River, Alberta

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

We were up at 6AM as it was getting daylight. The sun was up at about 6:36AM. This was a great way for one to get their bearings. One learns east in the morning and west at night. It seems harder to keep the directions straight as we move around the older I get. The furnace was working quite often through the night. It was cool but not as cool as we felt it might be.

I went out and blocked up the trailer again with blocks this time at all four corners. I removed the propane bottle and water jug. Jeff and Jodi came over and we took the dually to Okotoks. We went to Costco and bought a back up outboard hard drive to make sure we do not loose all this I have written and the many photographs we have taken on this trip and received via email. We then went to Mr. Mike's for lunch. This is a great place to eat. Then we did the meat shop, bakery, grocery store and the propane outlet. We arrived back at the trailer about 1PM. Jeff and Jodi went home. I installed the propane bottle and put the extra water bottle in with the propane bottles. The compartment for the propane will also handle one large jug of water and a jug of laundry soap in addition to the two propane bottles. Amazing the way one can find a spot to store things in one of these trailers.

Joan and I spent the afternoon simply laying around and reading. We went over to Jeff's and had supper with Jeff and Jodi. Old Jake their old dog looked a lot better than expected. He is full of cancer.

pic1    pic2    pic3

Joan and Jeff took these three photographs from his front lawn while there. The truck's thermometer read 31F when we left their place but rose to 33F when we arrived at the trailer.

We brought 11 of Jeff’s movies back to the trailer and watched one this evening. Our day ended with the movie. Another good day was history.

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