The 2011 Trip
Part 153 – A High River Sunday – BCATP – Squirrels – Ranch

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

We were up to a nice sunny morning at 7:30AM. We learned the back up hard drive had worked and had backed up all our files. According to the instructions it was to do this at 10PM daily. We had set the time on the computer but it did not do it at 10PM and we have no idea when it did do it. Oh well, it did it and that is all that counts.

Joan and I went for a walk about at 11AM.

This is the Highwood River It borders the south side of the campground. This river runs right past Jeff and Jodi's home. One could take a canoe from here down past their home.

The squirrels around here are quite large. We tried to get a good photograph of one and this is the best we have so far. Our squirrels in Nova Scotia are such small puny little things one feels like catching a dozen of these, take them home and increase the size of our herd.

pic3   pic4    pic5

The telephone company is Telus. Telus has this beautiful memorial to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. This was a very big program during World War II here in Canada, especially here in Western Canada.

We are out at Jeff and Jodi's for a lovely chicken dinner and we are going to cut this short just for you Glenn. When we drove out the mountains were very beautiful. We stopped and took this photograph of their mini-ranch. That is their place with the green roof on the house. The barn has the silver roof with the dark green large door. It is their gray pickup in the yard. We have the trailer in at the campground and are staying in it. Jeff is very busy in study on his last course. They both are busy actually and we can walk around town from the campground when they are not at home.

It is a beautiful spring day here at High River and we are going to end this here and transmit it to Robert.
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