The 2011 Trip
Part 155 – The day was spent in Calgary with Dick and Donna

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

I was awake at 6AM with the idea of getting up soon. I heard the phone ring and went to tell Joan when I heard her answer it. It was my brother Dick on the phone and 8:07AM on the clock. The radio stated it was 8C here in High River, whatever 8C is. We are now so used to the old temperatures that we understood, that we are having trouble trying to understand this C thing again. It was overcast when we got up. The radio also said the Conservative Government was re-elected yesterday. It is hard to believe it would have made any difference on what was elected. Actually Stephen Harper received a majority government. He is and has been Canada's Prime Minister for awhile.

We also learned Osama Bin Laden had been assassinated by U.S. Navy Seals. It took 13 years and hard to believe they finally scored on one of these animals. Here is hoping they are on a roll and get a few more of the world's evil people.

After Dick phoned this morning we got around and went over to his place in Calgary and spent the day with him. Donna came home from work about 4PM and we had a wonderful BBQ steak dinner.

This is the Welcome to Calgary road sign on the south side of the city including the truck's radio aerial.
Dick is carving another horse for his grandchildren.
This is what the horse will look like on completion.

This is Dick's old John Deere model MC tractor he calls Josephine. Dick, Lowell and I went to Portland, Oregon, where Dick bought this old tractor in November 2007. We brought it back to Dick's in Calgary on a trailer behind Lowell's pickup truck. Dick stripped it down to every last nut and bolt and restored it. Anything that was worn was replaced or made new.

This is Josephine's birth certificate.
Our youngest son Jeffrey, the one on course who lives here at High River is an electrician and he has been working on this building. This will be a new hospital for Calgary on completion. The mound of dirt next to the road is to help muffle the sound of the traffic driving by.

Joan and I managed to find our way home from Dick and Donna's by 8:30PM and called it a day.

Another great day was history.

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