The 2011 Trip
Part 156 – Airdrie, Alberta
Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

We were up at 6:35AM. The sun was trying hard to shine through some cloud that was mostly alto cumulus.

We got ready and went into Calgary and picked up Dick and went on to Airdrie to Hero Optical. There, both Joan and I had the best eye examination we ever had from Dr. Dave. Dr. Dave has his office in the same office with Michael the owner of Hero Optical. Joan and I each bought new glasses and new sun glasses.

From there we went to Cross Iron Mills Shopping Mall. This mall is so large one would have to see it to believe it. There is a big section on the outdoors, hunting, fishing, boating and so on. They actually have fish swimming around in tanks. One is so big one can go up and down in a glass elevator among the fish.

There was a Tim Horton's coffee shop in this mall and we had a coffee and sandwich for lunch. From there we went back to Dick's home. Dick, Rollie, Lowell and I sat in Lowell's garage across the alley from Dick's. We simply talked, had a rum and coke, and went over the old truck advertisements I had taken out to Dick. I had collected them for over forty years.

It was another sunny day but the wind was cool to cold.

We split up and Dick and I went to his place just before Donna arrived home from work. Joan and I had another nice dinner with Dick and Donna. We spent more time talking and visiting and then Joan and I came back to the trailer. On arrival at the trailer we called it a day. We did not take any photographs.

Both Joan and I managed to get into our email sites at Dick's. Dick's computer is so slow it is plain frustrating to operate. He has never had it in the shop for a routine clean-up. It definitely needs a good one. Dick should take a course or two on operating a computer as well.

That was another excellent day that is now history.

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