The 2011 Trip
Part 161 – Municipal District of Foothills, Alberta

Monday, May 9th, 2011

We were up at 7AM to an overcast day that looked like it might rain any minute. A few Canada Geese flew over the trailer at 8:10AM honking away. That sounded like spring. They are a pretty bird in the air and on the ground. When a flock is on the ground and around for some time they are very messy.

We went over to the campground office and told them we still planned to leave tomorrow morning and planned to be back on Thursday. We booked site 33 this time for Thursday through until next Tuesday, May 17th. Our site 11 had been booked for this weekend before we arrived. There are baseball games on for the weekend and several with these games are camping in the campground.

We then went to the grocery store for a few things, to Tim's for coffee and on out to Jeff and Jodi's. We tried to get everything cleaned up that we wanted to do on the internet. We managed to get all the parts for this web site off to Robert. Some emails failed so we tried again. We tried to make a purchase on line and it failed. We had to revert to a phone call and wait for a reply back. In other words a routine run with a typical computer.

The cloud cover was rather heavy cumulus all day. Now and then the sun would find a small hole and shine through for a few minutes. By about 3PM the cloud cover had decreased to a coverage of about six tenths of the sky in cumulus and this made for a nice sunny day. There was a good breeze making it quite cool.

The cloud cover diminished further to about one tenth cumulus and three or four tenths cirrus and alto cumulus around supper time. It remained a nice sunny day until the sun set. A few Canada Geese flew over Jeff and Jodi's honking. There were six horses in the fields but far enough away it would not make a good photograph.

We managed to make the purchase after three or four tries on the cell phone. No doubt things were better back in 1911 than they are today. At least one had telegraph back then. These cell phones we have today are not the most pleasant instrument to have to operate.

We were watching television most of the afternoon. It has been quite awhile since we watched any television. We simply left it on CNN and listened to the detail on the flooding in the U.S. There was a lot of talk about interviewing Ben Laden's wives. I doubt that any woman that lived like they did would have much of interest to say.

We had a great pork chop supper with Jeff and Jodi when they arrived home at 5:15PM. Joan had it ready for them. Jodi had a 4-H meeting and Jeff wanted to study so we left shortly after supper and we were home at 6:45PM. We stopped at the office and paid the campground bill for Thursday evening until Tuesday morning May 17th. It is expensive. It was $147.50 for that short period with nothing but electricity. Some are giving up on camping but not enough apparently. The number of trailers, motorhomes and so on for sale around here is fascinating if nothing else. There are an awful lot for sale in every town, village or city. There are many of those expensive large Class A Motorhomes that it makes one wonder if they will ever sell them. There is a trailer in every farm yard and on occasion a motorhome. There are a lot of preowned trailers for sale in front of many farms.

We watched another of Jeff's movies, a rather lengthy one on the training of the U.S. Coast Guard Swimmers as they called them. They are what our military calls a Search and Rescue Technician.

Our day ended with the movie. Another excellent day was history.

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