The 2011 Trip
Part 162 – High River to Edson, Alberta – 550 kilometres

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I was up at 5:45AM. The sun came up at 6:10AM to a beautiful clear sunny morning. There was not a cloud to be seen. There was some frost on the ground and picnic tables. The radio stated it had been 0C and that is the magic freezing figure.

I listened to 7055 kilohertz with hopes of hearing someone. I heard a couple of Spanish stations. One around 7054 and the other around 7056 but nothing on 7055. I heard what appeared to be English on 7055 at 6:45AM. I could have worked it in CW but not phone.

I took the HF antenna down, hooked the truck to the trailer and put water on board from the community pump. I had lots of hose. We departed site 11 at 8:42AM and went to the dump station. A couple of the old boys followed us out and chatted with us while I dumped and hosed down the site. Someone had dumped and left it a mess.

From the dump station we went to the Esso station and topped up the propane bottle and the diesel tank. We then went to Tim Hortens and I turned the truck and trailer in the Extra Foods grocery store parking lot while Joan purchased the coffee. She was just coming out as I made it back to Tim Hortens.

We left Tim Hortens at 9:40AM and went up on the number 2 highway. We went off the number 2 on to the number 7 and over to Black Diamond where we joined highway 22 North. We remained on 22 North until we reached Entwhistle. It was a beautiful drive up through all the farms and fields one passes on that road. There were a lot of horses, cattle, bales of hay and so on in the fields. The bales of hay were those large round bales.

We topped up the diesel tank at GTI Petroleum, Caroline, Alberta, at 12:41PM. A young man came out and filled the tank and washed the windshield. That is something one does not see anymore. It is the first time it has happened to us in years.

The GPS told us that we would arrive at Edson around 4 PM. We pulled into Ed and Ann's driveway right at 4 PM. We went past their place and had to turn and come back. Edson has grown a lot in the forty-four years since we lived there.

We met our friends, Ed and Ann, in 1967. Ann's brother Hans was the mechanic at the Inuvik Airport when we were operating the Aeradio Station, VFA6, at the Inuvik Airport.

The run from High River, Alberta, to Edson, Alberta, was 550 kilometres.

Ed and I hooked up the trailer to his mini campground with full facilities. We left the truck hooked to the trailer.

Ed and Ann's home with our trailer hooked up to Ed's mini campground.

Ann had a lovely dinner. After the dinner Ed drove us around the town. Very interesting. We visited the lot with all the horse trailers he and Ann have brought up from Oklahoma. We went through a couple of them. Something I have wanted to do for some time. Ed can bring two at a time. One a fifth wheel arrangement. Then they install a regular hitch on the fifth wheel in order for him to tow the second trailer, a regular small horse trailer. Ed claims the two trailers make for a rather rough ride. He is still using his ¾ ton Dodge with the V10 gasoline engine.

We came back to the house and Joan and I came to the trailer and called it a day. It was a lovely day. A long day that was sunny all day with a few cumulus clouds around. Once in awhile one would cover the sun but not interfere with the sunny day. There are an awful lot of deer around. They apparently come out to the green grass that is starting to come in various places. We saw several in the town of Edson as well as along the roads coming up from High River.

That was the day!

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