The 2011 Trip
Part 163 – Edson, Alberta to Drayton Valley, Alberta

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

We were up at 7:45AM to a nice morning. There were some black clouds over in the west. I tuned in 7055 kilohertz as soon as I was up but heard nothing. It was much quieter than around the campground at High River.

Norm, VE7ATA, a retired CN Tel man from the Yukon and I had a good chat from 9:30AM to 9:44AM on 7055 kilohertz. He is on Vancouver Island and said I was pumping in a good signal there. So the rig works good still.

We went into the house shortly after my chat. Before I realized it the clock read 10:10AM and I made a mad rush to the trailer and tried to contact Joe, VE6PD. No contact. We went back into the house and visited. Ann had a great lunch and after the lunch Joan and I went to the trailer and got it ready to leave. Ed and Ann came out while we were doing this.

We departed Ed's mini campground at 2:13PM. It was a beautiful sunny day.


This is a field of Buffalo just east of Carrot Creek and east of Edson. They now raise them like cattle for their meat.
Joan wanted to go back to High River via route 22 because it is so pretty and I certainly agree with her. We pulled into the Willey West campground just outside Drayton Valley at 4:17PM. We could not get into the site we were assigned because a tree had fallen across the road in today's wind. We went back to the office and was told to simply pull up into site 1C. Electricity only at $26.25 for one night. One must admit it is three dollars less than High River.
Ed's at Edson to Willey West at Drayton Valley = 157 kilometres.
This is the Willey West campground office.
We trust you will be able to read this sign and learn where the name of the campground originated.
We had things set up by 5PM when Mitch phoned. That credit card we went to the bank to sort out is still causing problems. The cell phone would not work worth a darn here in the campground so I had to go to the truck and use On Star. On Star has been a life saver several times.
This campground is down in the valley next to the river. One wants to make certain their brakes work well or they have a good anchor as a back up coming down the hill into the campground.

We simply had a sandwich for supper and after supper we watched another of Jeff's movies. Our day ended with the movie. It was another memorable day indeed.

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