The 2011 Trip
Part 167 – High River – Cayley, Alberta

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I was up until 1AM working on my description of the Nanton Museum found in part 166. We got up at 7:05AM to another beautiful sunny but cool morning. Two squirrels chasing each other up and down a tree entertained us while we ate breakfast.

We are often asked how we like the campground we are camped in. I really and truly do not know how to answer that question. When one pays one hundred thousand and more for a camping rig they expect to have at least the full hook-ups; water, sewer and electricity. This is the second Alberta campground we have been in that charges full hook-up rate with only electricity. This one is nice so close to the town and all. Their rates would no doubt get foolish if they had full hook-ups.

Jeff and Jodi came in with a coffee for each of us. We left for Okotoks soon after that in Jeff's pickup. We purchased some groceries at Wal-Mart then came to Boston Pizza at High River for lunch. This was my first time in a Boston Pizza and it was quite nice. While there Donna phoned to say she and Dick were over at the trailer. They came over to Boston Pizza with us. After lunch we all went to the trailer.

We removed our groceries from Jeff's truck. My $4.37 gallon of milk slipped out of my hand as though it were greased. The plastic jug split but I managed to save most of it. We had a clean jug and saved all we could in that.

Jeff and Jodi went home so Jeff could study. Joan and Donna took Dicks pickup and Dick came with me in the dually. Our first stop was the Esso station to fill the fuel tanks in both trucks. From there we went straight to Robin and Ramona's in Cayley. Terry was there and the girls were all home and we had a great visit. Dick and Donna went home in their pickup and Joan and I came to the trailer in our truck. We arrived back at the trailer at 4:30PM. The day was a bright overcast day at around 65F.

Terry has done a fine job of restoring an old GMC motorhome to suit his own style of camping. This is the motorhome with the 455 engine that is mounted on the front wheel drive car chassis. It has four rear wheels with separate suspension on each wheel. They have a rounded metal body and were quite the camper in their day.

I placed some more peanuts on the picnic table this morning in hopes of interesting the squirrels. At 5PM I am sure it was the same crow that collected the peanuts yesterday, came and collected all the peanuts in three trips. So much for feeding the crows. There will be no more peanuts and no doubt that crow will come around all summer hoping for more.

Joan and I spent the evening reading. We have no more movies. The sunset was quite nice even though the sun had hardly shone all day.

That was the day and another day is history.

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