The 2011 Trip
Part 178 – Sudbury to Kendal, Ontario

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

We were up at 4AM and were on the road at 5:08AM. That was a great time to leave “Wally Park” in Sudbury and go out of the city. There was very little traffic and our GPS took us out as slick as slick can be. Actually we drove out like one of the natives. We only had the one motorhome camp with us and there was no sign of life around their rig when we left.

We went from Sudbury over to North Bay on Route 17 East. That has to be the poorest piece of road we have seen. It was bad around Sudbury as stated and most of the way to North Bay. There is a lot of construction around North Bay and south of there and the road will be a super good road in a few years.

We pulled into the Shell Oil Station at Sturgeon Falls at 6:20AM and took on board 49.960 litres of diesel at $1.249 per litre for a total of $62.40.

We took route 17 East to North Bay and then route 11 South.

It was overcast and off and on mist until we reached Huntsville and there it got down to serious rain. Did it ever rain. The brooks, rivers, lakes, ponds and what have you were so full of water one felt that another ten drops would create a major disaster. There were cottages and so on flooded. To be truthful about it, it was a bit scary.

The road was rough and wet. Water flying everywhere with the one ahead doing 80 kilometres per hour and three behind trying to do 100 kilometres per hour. It was not a plesant drive.

At Washago I was beat. Joan spotted a mud spot full of pot holes and we swung in while I had a half hour snooze from 9AM until 9:30AM. We went on to Brechin where we pulled into the Ultramar Oil Station. There we took on board 61.298 litres of diesel at $1.219 per litre for a total of $74.72.

We got back on route 12 South and carried on to route 7 East then on to route 35 South and on to Kendal.

We had phoned Glenn when we were 40 kilometres north of Huntsville and he was waiting for us. We arrived in the rain at 11:41AM but it let up shortly after and we were able to set-up the trailer. We did a bang up job. It is so level the bathroom door will stay where you put it and it would never do that in Arizona. We also took the truck off so we can run around in it. We had it over and done with by 1:30PM.

The mileage from Sudbury to Kendal was 456 kilometres. That was sufficient driving for good weather. Rather tiring with the mess we had to drive through.

The trailer has now been towed 34,256.5 kilometres since new six years ago this month.

This is Joan and her brother Glenn.
This is the trailer in Glenn's yard with his motorhome just behind it.

Joan and Glenn had lots of visiting to catch up on. They spent the afternoon visiting while I typed this and tuned in 7055 kilohertz but did not work anyone. I went back over and joined them. Gail came home at 6:30PM. We had supper and visited out on the gazebo until we called it a day. Another good day was history.

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