The 2011 Trip
Part 180 – Kendal, Ontario

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I was up at 5AM and had breakfast. I went back to bed and did not crawl out until 8:30AM. There was no one on 7055 kilohertz and no one answered me.

Another overcast day. It was depressing. We had the odd mist but no real rain.

We spent the morning visiting with Glenn and watching the birds around his bird feeders. There were a multitude of all kinds types, and descriptions. Glenn spends a lot of time watching them and studying them since he has retired. We learned a lot.

There was no one on 7055 kilohertz around noon.

Glenn has a lot of interesting things around his place. This is his old Tom Turkey.
These are two of Glenn's hens under one of his bird feeders picking up a few things the birds dropped from the feeder.

Right after that Glenn drove the dually and he Joan and I went to Bowmanville, Whitby, Oshawa and Orono. We went to Canadian Tire, Princess Auto and Loblaws grocery. We had lunch at a Tim Horton’s and arrived back at Glenn's about 3:15PM. I had a snooze and we had supper with Glenn and Gail and spent the evening visiting.

The day ended when we came home to the trailer and another great day was history.

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