The 2011 Trip
Part 181 – Kendal, Ontario

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

We got up at 8AM and found the sun shining for a few minutes. It soon disappeared and it remained overcast all day.

Larry and Debbie were over in the morning for a visit. When they left Glenn, Joan and I took the dually over to Paul's and had a visit with Paul, Sheryl, Jeremy and their boy.

When we returned Pam and her two children were here. Craig, Sheri and their two children arrived shortly after for a great visit with one and all.

After a great supper I gave three of the kids a tour of the trailer.

This is Glenn and Maybe the Newfoundland dog. Justin and Tyler on the seat in the background and Sheri off to the right.
This is Buster, Pam's little dog. He tried to wear everyone out throwing his ball for him.
Glenn did the cooking.
This is Sarah operating 40-meters.
This is Tyler operating 40-meters.
This is Justin operating 40-meters. Unfortunately I was unable to contact anyone for the kids to talk to.

The party split up and everyone went home shortly after the tour in order for the kids to attend school tomorrow.

Another great day was history.

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