The 2011 Trip
Part 186 - Sambro, Nova Scotia

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I could not sleep and was up at 4AM. I did up the distance figures in my last report (part 185) and had breakfast. I went back to bed and got up at 8AM. Joan walked over to visit Lila and I tried to sort out the fifty pounds of mail we received since November.

Mitch was up early and Joan and I were over and had coffee with him. Mitch went to get Josie from school at 1:30PM and Joan and I came back to the trailer.

Josie came to the trailer as soon as she was home and spent the afternoon with us. We tried to wash the trailer with my new soft brush but it would not clean the bugs off the front. We will have to try something else. I had the new brush out so Josie could wash the bird tracks off the living room window.

I put the HF antenna up just before we tried to wash the trailer.

There was a layer of black cumulus cloud over to the east that moved to over the trailer by 3:30PM. It rained a small shower around 4:30PM. It was trying to clear at 6:20PM but there were still a lot of heavy black cumulus cloud around.

Mitch had another great fish supper. He has supper ready when Natasha gets home from work. Jeff was the one who liked to cook but Mitch is very good as well.

Natasha, Joan and Josie went to town for haircuts right after supper and Mitch went in for his final night shift this round at 8PM.

Guy, VE1NC, was net control this evening on the Maritime Net at 7PM local time on 3750 kilohertz. I was the first station to check in. The others were complaining of weird conditions with a lot of fading but I found most stations quite clear. It was a lot better than the signals out west. I normally do not hear Guy that well at Evangeline Beach and often do not check in with him for that reason but he was excellent here tonight.

Bernie, VE1UT, claimed his noise level disappeared from the electrical storm the other evening. He stated he has had that noise in Hebron for years. We still had black cumulus clouds around here so after the net that Guy shut down at 7:29PM I went out and unhooked the HF antenna.

I spent the evening reading the latest National Geographic magazine. I have been a life member of that organization for over forty years. Needless to say I had a stack of them to read that Natasha had saved for me.

When Natasha, Joan and Josie arrived home I went over to the house and visited with them and watched TV. The day ended when we came back to the trailer. Another good day was history.

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