The 2011 Trip
Part 188 – Sambro, Nova Scotia

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I was up at 5:40AM to a beautiful sunrise with a cloudless sky. Joan babysat Josie, Josh and Brady while Mitch and Natasha went to the Henneberrry party. Joan was home at 1:30AM.

The Quebec roads were a bit much for our Microwave Oven and the printer for this computer. Both no longer work and both worked fine before that.

A beautiful sunny morning but the wind increased to a good breeze at 6:35AM. The pull down strap on the large awning slaps the side of the trailer when the wind blows and makes for a good indication, reminder, whatever.

There were local VE1 stations on 7055 kilohertz from 8AM to 9AM but I could understand none of them. The VE1 stations on 3750 kilohertz around the same time were better but not good. We are in among some power lines and the noise is high. I did not try to say or transmit anything.

It was quite windy at 10AM. Mitch brought home a high pressure washer but it was too windy to wash the trailer. We tried to wash it later in the day but the unit would not work.

Mitch, Philip and I took the old blue truck and went to Tim Horton’s for coffee first and then to the TD Bank. The bank opens at 12 noon on Sunday for four hours and there was quite a mob there today. We got Mitch some money and then went to Prospect Bay where he bought a boat. The boat's name is the BEACHCOMBER and she is registered in Shad Bay, Nova Scotia. A nice boat and everyone should have some fun with it this summer. The guy they bought it from is a first cousin of Natasha's mother so he threw in quite a few extras.


Meet the M.V. BEACHCOMBER. Captain Mitch and Chief Mate Josie will have a ball terrorizing the coast in that this summer.
We landed back at Mitch's at about 2PM. We then put things in the old blue truck for tomorrow. We had water near the trailer so I filled the water tank then drained the grey tank. It was a busy afternoon. Mitch had brought home a portion of the trailer's patio to use on his house. This portion did not work well with the trailer. Mitch and Philip built a new set of steps that should work better. Mitch has the siding in the garage to put on the house. The house will then match the new garage he built last year.
This is the truck and trailer parked beside Mitch's garage on the gravel pad we made for it. That is Joan walking to the house in her light blue jacket.
This is Mitch, Natasha and Josie's house and garage. The old piece of patio is sitting on the red trailer in front of the garage. This will be a neat looking place with a new patio around that end of the house and the new siding to match the garage.
This is the spot where the seal laid for a day or two way back in my part 120 description of the incident.

Philip, Josh, Brady, Mitch, Natasha, Josie, Joan and I had a great supper of pizza from the local pizza outlet. Philip is married to Natasha's sister and the two boys, Josh and Brady are their two boys. Philip is employed in the electronic workshop at HMC DOCKYARD in Halifax.

We had a nice sunny but windy day. It managed to become overcast by 6PM in high cumulus cloud.

Lee, VE2QA, was net control on the Maritime Net at 3750 kilohertz at 7PM local time. I was the first to check in. There was a lot of noise and some fading but I managed to hear most who checked into the net. I turned it off at 7:15PM.

We spent the evening reading and playing with this computer. Mitch has it connected to his Wifi for us. Mitch is good with the technical end of these computers but never operates one. He has computer training and does the maintenance on the machinery that prints the Halifax daily newspaper.

That was our day and it was a great one. In other words another day is history.

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