The 2011 Trip
Part 189 – Back to T5 – Sambro to North Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

Monday, June 6th, 2011

I was up at 3:35AM and had breakfast. We were awake and heard a fishing vessel leave at 3AM. It is pretty busy and confusing around here trying to get this trailer ready for the campground and get the trucks serviced.

We departed Mitch's at 9:20AM. I alone in the truck and trailer. Mitch and Josie in the old blue truck and Mitch went over and picked up Ronnie (Natasha's father). Joan and Natasha came in their car.

Mitch went to Metro Storage where we have everything stored and picked up the blue trucks extra summer tire, the swing set and more junk that remains here with the trailer.

The red truck Josie calls Red Roscoe, the trailer and I had a great run. It may be my last run with the trailer so I made it a good one. I stopped at Tim Horton's on Dunbrack Street for a large double and then we lit out. Needless to say we passed everything in sight with Lionel Hampton playing on the Bose speakers. A great run on mostly new highway.

I arrived at the Land of Evangeline Family Campground at 10:47AM in North Grand Pre.

The mileage from Mitch's yard Sambro to Site T5 Evangeline Beach in North Grand Pre was 113 kilometres.

This is the car the trucks with Red Roscoe still connected to the trailer.

I had the trailer pretty well on site T5 when Glenn came over. He and Vicki were already camping here. We had it set up to the point Mitch just touched things up a bit. The good old mud campground. When we unhooked the trailer from Red Roscoe it headed to China. We were just able to get it connected back on the truck. In doing this the trailer rolled back off the planks the wheels were sitting on.

Those planks help keep the wheels from disappearing to the hubs. In order for Red Roscoe to pull the trailer ahead we had to hook Blue Roscoe to Red Roscoe. Mitch drove Blue Roscoe and I drove Red Roscoe. It did not work so we switched. Mitch drove Red Roscoe and I drove Blue Roscoe. When I could see Mitch spinning the duals I “Floor Boarded” Blue Roscoe and jerked her ahead when the tow ropes fetched up the few inches it took.

We blocked up the trailer connected to Red Roscoe and managed to get them disconnected when finished.

Ron and I watching Mitch install the back left jack. The trailer is sitting level and good but in a couple of weeks it will need adjusting or at least a good check.
We are winching the patio over a few inches to make it fit. The patio has a notch cut in it for the fender over the wheels on the right side and we had it right on.
When the trailer was on site T5, Mitch simply said “This camping is no fun, it is a lot of hard work”. He sure had that right. He and Philip modified the patio and they built a new set of steps for it. Of course these new steps did not fit and needed modifying.
Glenn, Mitch, Ron, Me and Natasha trying to decide if they are steps or firewood in the campfire pit on the left in the photo.

While Mitch and Ronnie modified the steps Glenn I plumbed in the sewer line, water and electricity. We were so close to the old set up that we had to remove three inches out of the sewer pipe only.

Mitch, Ron, Natasha and Josie went home at around 3:30PM in the car. Joan and I were left to clean up and we were finished by 4PM. By 4PM we were beat because it was one long hard day. Everyone must have been beat as well. It was a lot of hard work. When Mitch tried to jack the trailer the jack simply sank in the mud and had no interest in lifting the trailer. Frustrating!


This is the trailer at 4PM. We do not have all the parts to the swing set so it will have to wait until we find them. It feels good to have the trailer back home. Way back at the beginning in part one it will give one a description of removing the trailer from this T5 site. The jacks sank back then and refused to lift the trailer. It was as frustrating then as it was today.

Tomorrow we take both trucks to K & J in Middleton and leave Blue Roscoe. Once Blue Roscoe is serviced we will go get it and leave Red Roscoe. K & J will soon have them both cleaned up and working “the finest kind” as they say in Sambronian.

Joan went walking with Glenn and Vicki at 7PM. Peter, VE1PJS, was net control of the Maritime Net on 3750 kilohertz that meets at 7PM nightly. I was the first to check in. The reason is that my transmitter is portable and net control wants mobile, low power and portable at the beginning of the net. Peter is in Truro and was a nice loud clear signal. Nearly all the signals were very good this evening. Some of the stations had a nice sunny day.

The day was overcast all day with a light drizzle when we first arrived here at the campground. This made the traction for the trucks rather slippery.

I will try and come up with a summary of the trip and make it part 190 at some time in the near future.

In the meantime this is the end of the trip and the end of the daily reports. It is nothing more than a record of the trip for us.

Thank You Equest Trailers, Chevy Trucks and K & J Truck Center. You all are unbeatable and made a most memorable trip for Joan and I. Equest made one great trailer that one and all are tired of hearing me brag about. Our Chevy one ton dually did a fantastic job of pulling the trailer. The K & J Truck Center did a fantastic pre-service job that made the whole trip trouble free.

Thank you all.

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