The 2011 Trip
Part 20 Canyon Vistas RV Resort, Gold Canyon, Arizona

Sunday, December 19th, 2010.

We were awake at 3:30 AM with the light from the lamp we had to back the trailer around shining brightly. It is hard to tell the weather with that. At 3:40 AM here it was 6:40 AM in Nova Scotia. We listened around 7055 and could hear several Spanish stations but was too tired to hang around and give Sam, VE1YVN, a call. We went back to bed and fell fast asleep again. We did not get up until 8 AM.

Joan was playing around with this lap top and managed to get into the internet so most of our morning was spent catching up. Always good to hear from everyone. Murph said we were getting close to a prison and we told him we would reserve a room for him and anyone else that wants one. We have passed several prisons actually and several places along the road where prisoners were doing road maintenance. At one place the police were out with dogs and a helicopter looking for someone. There were signs stating prison areas and not to pick up hitch hikers.

We did not realize there are so many bored people. They must be bored to spend this much time at this web site. Robert, G4PYR, gave me these figures this morning. We forget just when Robert set up this site for us but it was a month or so before we departed on this trip. There have been 10,712 hits and pages read since the site went on line. There are 115 of you reading this on a regular basis. There were 125 unique visitors this month alone and 600 unique visitors from 30 countries to date. We definitely appreciate this and we write it mainly to have a record of this trip. We have kept what we called a trailer log while running with a trailer. The mileage, time, date, stops and weather. At the end of the day we write it up with anything that we found interesting. We have 13 full notebooks but have now terminated that since we have been making daily reports on here.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do in recording same. It is a very good feeling knowing that you are interested. For those of you who enjoy radiotelegraph or Morse code as much as we do we plan to hang around 7055 in the morning. We set our transmitter on 7054 and swing with our receive independant of transmission. The Trans Provincial Net (TPN) meets there daily with Dave, VE2EDB, as net control. Dave was very weak in Louisiania the only place we took time to try a contact. This morning there were very weak Spanish speaking stations on that frequency. Here is hoping we make contact with you sooner or later.

There are over six hundred sites in this winter home for seniors that are 55 or older. We will have to get some photographs and pass them along as time goes by. They tell us this park is full for the season. They claim one old timer who had parked here for about four winters came in the other day for the winter. He has to be out by January 1st because there is no room after that date. So if you want to spend time in this park make a reservation early and make it as early as possible.

We have Joan's bicycle off the back of the trailer and ready to go. We have all the awnings out and all the windows open. We have been around and had a chat with most of the neighbours next to the trailer. A very beautiful warm sunny day. The thermometer above the table here reads 80F so it must be close to that outside as well.

We had a nice snooze and felt much better around 3 PM. When the sun set this evening I grabbed the camera and took a few photographs around our trailer. Here are two of them.


This is Jerry and Linda's forty four foot trailer across 23rd Street from our trailer.


This photograph is taken farther back behind our truck and trailer and also showing Jerry and Linda's trailer. Jerry and Linda are what we call full timers and have been for a few years. They spend their winter here and then work in another campground in Misouri for the summer.


We had a full day. Bob and Karen just left and it will soon be time to call it a day.

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